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e-Service: New Directions in Theory and Practice
Edited by: Roland T. Rust; P.K. Kannan

Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7656-0806-2 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7656-0807-9
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USD: $103.95 USD: $58.95
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Not available in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.
Information: 348pp. Tables, figures, index.
Publication Date: August 2002.  


Description: The advent of the era of "e-service" -- the provision of services over electronic networks like the internet -- is one of the dominant business themes of the new millenium. It reflects the fundamental shift in the economy from goods to services and the explosive expansion of information technology.

This book provides a collection of different perspectives on e-service and a unified framework to understand it, even as the business community grapples with the concept. It features contributions from key researchers and practitioners from both the private and public sectors, as well as leading scholars from the fields of marketing, information systems, and computer science. They focus on three key areas: the customer-technology interface; e-service business opportunities and strategies; and public sector e-service opportunities. The insights they offer will be equally useful to students, scholars, and practitioners.

Selected Contents:

List of Tables and Figures
1. The Era of e-Service
Roland T. Rust and P.K. Kannan
Part I The Customer-Technology Interface
2. Techno-Ready Marketing of e-Services: Customer Beliefs About Technology and the Implications for Marketing e-Services,
Charles L. Colby
3. Self-Service Technologies
Amy L. Ostrom, Mary Jo Bitner, and Matthew L. Meuter
4. Robots and Gunslingers: Measuring Customer Satisfaction on the Internet,
David Simms
5. "In Web We Trust": Establishing Strategic Trust Among Online Customers, Irina Ceaparu, Dina Demner, Edward Hung, Haixia Zhao, and Ben Schneiderman
6. e-Service Environment: Impacts of Web Interface Characteristics on Consumers' Online Shopping Behavior, Weiyin Hong, Kar Yan Tam, and Chi Kin (Bennett) Yim
Part II Business Opportunities and Strategies
7. Smart vs. Dumb Service Strategies: A Framework for e-Business Intensity
Rashi Glazer
8. Real-Time Marketing in e-Services
Sajeev Varki
9. A Survey of Recommendation Systems in Electronic Commerce Chih-Ping Wei, Michael J. Shaw, and Robert F. Easley
10. The Wireless Rules for e-Service: Critical Issues for Managers and Researchers, Katherine N. Lemon, Frederick B. Newell, and Loren J. Lemon
Part III Public-Sector Opportunities
11. e-Learning: Fifth Generation Learning and Its Impact on Management Education
Richard W. Oliver
12. The Customer Centric Digital Department: e-Service in Government,
Jeffrey O. Bollettino
13. Performance Metrics and Successful e-Government Services
Joan Steyaert
About the Editors and Contributors

Comment(s): "This timely book offers an outstanding collection of fresh insights and thought-provoking perspectives for providing efficient and effective e-service. Full of rich ideas and inspiration for both managers and researchers, this volume is an invaluable resource for anyone involved with studying, structuring, evaluating, or improving Web-based service delivery." -- A. Parasuraman, James W. McLamore Professor, University of Miami

" E-service is a must read for anyone who wants to understand the power of great customer service. Roland Rust and P.K. Kannan move us away from all the hype and into the real business that makes successful e-service a reality." -- Jeffrey Rhoda, Director, Global e-government, IBM

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