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Where Are Poor People to Live?: Transforming Public Housing Communities
Edited by: Larry Bennett; Janet L. Smith; Patricia Wright

Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7656-1075-1 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7656-1076-8
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USD: $103.95 USD: $53.95
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Information: 344pp. Tables, figures, bibliographic references, index.
Publication Date: March 2006.  


Description: This groundbreaking book shows how major shifts in federal policy are spurring local public housing authorities to demolish their high-rise, low-income developments and replace them with affordable low-rise, mixed income communities. It focuses on Chicago and that city's affordable housing crisis, but it provides analytical frameworks that can be applied to developments in every American city.

Where Are Poor People to Live? provides valuable new empirical information on public housing, framed by a critical perspective that shows how shifts in national policy have devolved the U.S. welfare state to local government while promoting market-based action as the preferred mode of public policy execution. The editors and chapter authors share a concern that proponents of public housing restructuring give little attention to the social, political, and economic risks involved in the current campaign to remake public housing. At the same time, the book examines the public housing redevelopment process in Chicago with an eye to identifying opportunities for redeveloping projects and building new communities across America that will be truly hospitable to those most in need of assisted housing. While the focus is on affordable housing, the issues addressed here cut across the broad policy areas of housing and community development, and will impact the entire field of urban politics and planning.

Selected Contents:

"Our Fight Must Go On," Rene Maxwell
Tables and Figures
Introduction Larry Bennett, Janet L. Smith, and Patricia A. Wright

I. National and Local Context for Public Housing Transformation
1. Public Housing Transformation: Evolving National Policy, Janet L. Smith
2. Public Housing's Cinderella: Policy Dynamics of HOPE VI in the Mid-1990s, Yan Zhang and Gretchen Weismann
3. The HOPE VI Program: What Has Happened to the Residents? Susan J. Popkin
II. On the Ground in Chicago: Reshaping Public Housing Communities
4. The Chicago Housing Authority's Plan for Transformation, Janet L. Smith
5. Community Resistance to CHA Transformation: The History, Evolution, Struggles, and Accomplishments of the Coalition to Protect Public Housing, Patricia A. Wright
6. The Case of Cabrini-Green, Patricia A. Wright, with Richard M. Wheelock and Carol Steele
7. A Critical Analysis of the ABLA Redevelopment Plan, Larry Bennett, Nancy Hudspeth, and Patricia A. Wright
8. Relocated Public Housing Residents Have Little Hope of Returning: Work Requirements for Mixed-Income Public Housing Developments, William P. Wilen and Rajesh D. Nayak
III. Learning from Chicago: Prospects and Challenges for Policy Makers
9. Gautreaux and Chicago's Public Housing Crisis: The Conflict Between Achieving Integration and Providing Decent Housing for Very Low-Income African Americans, William P. Wilen and Wendy L. Stasell
10. Mixed-Income Communities: Designing Out Poverty or Pushing Out the Poor? Janet L. Smith
11. Downtown Restructuring and Public Housing in Contemporary Chicago: Fashioning a Better World-Class City, Larry Bennett

Epilogue, Larry Bennett, Janet L. Smith, and Patricia A. Wright
About the Editors and Contributors

Review(s): "By conveying the rich interplay of policy choices, local and national politics, and issues of social justice, this book offers insights and lessons that extend well beyond Chicago. Highly recommended. Graduate, research, and professional collections." -- Choice

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