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The World of Child Labor: An Historical and Regional Survey
Edited by: Hugh D. Hindman

Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7656-1707-1 Paper ISBN: Not Available
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Information: 1032pp. Tables, figures, photos, maps, index, list of abbreviations.
Publication Date: June 2009.  


Description: This definitive resource details both the current and historical state of child labor in each region of the world, focusing on its causes, consequences, and cures. Including contributions by an international team of child labor scholars, researchers, policy-makers, and activists, as well as a wealth of current statistical data, it is the most comprehensive reference available on the subject.

The World of Child Labor provides a current global snapshot with overview essays on the dimensions of the problem and on institutions and organizations combating child labor. Then it offers in-depth regional analyses covering developed, developing, and less developed areas of the world. The reference documents the contemporary and historical state of child labor within each major region (Africa, Latin and South America, North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Oceania) including country-level accounts for nearly half of the world's nations.

All country-level essays address specific facets of child labor, such as industries and occupations in which children commonly work, the national child welfare policy, occupational safety regulations, educational system, and laws. Most country-level essays include current data on such vital statistics as ratifications of UN and ILO conventions, the Human Development Index, human capital indicators, economic indicators, and national child labor surveys conducted by the Statistical Information and Monitoring Program on Child Labor.

Selected Contents:

Editors and Contributors

Editors's Introduction: Child Labor in Global and Historical Perspectives Hugh D. Hindman
Editor's Note: Measuring Child Labor Hugh D. Hindman

List of Abbreviations


Section 1. Understanding Child Labor
The Economic View of Child Labor Patrick M. Emerson
Social-Science Views on Working Children Ben White
A Brief Historiography of Child Labor Colin Heywood
Toward an Integrative Theory of Child Labor G.K. Lieten

Section 2. More Developed Regions of the World
Periods of History: Childhood and Child Work, C. 1800-Present Harry Hendrick
Child Labor in the Industrial Revolution Peter N. Stearns
Coming to Terms with Child Labor Hugh D. Hindman
The Historical Role of Education Alec Fyfe
History of Child Welfare Bengt Sandin
The Role of Technology Carolyn Tuttle
Child Labor in the Developed Nations Today Phil Mizen
Global Trade and Child Labor Drusilla K. Brown
Visual Representations of Child Labor in the West George Dimock

Section 3. Less Developed Regions of the World
Worst Forms of Child Labor Hugh D. Hindman
Worst Forms of Child Labor: Agriculture Alec Fyfe
Worst Forms of Child Labor: Child Domestic Labor Jonathan Blagbrough
Worst Forms of Child Labor: Street Children and Street Trades David Maidment
Worst Forms of Child Labor: Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Carmen Madrinan
Worst Forms of Child Labor: Children and War Zoe Marriage
Worst Forms of Child Labor: Child Bonded Labor Garance Genicot
The Puzzle of "Idle" Children, Neither in School Nor Performing Economic Activity Mario Biggeri, Lorenzo Guarcello, Scott Lyon, and Furio C. Rosati
Child Labor Policy for Developing Nations Deborah Levison
Education and Child Labor: A Global Perspective Ranjan Ray
Special Health Risks of Child Labor Anaclaudia Gastal Fassa, and David H. Wegman

Section 4. Action Against Child Labor
The United Nations and UNICEF Alec Fyfe
Millennium Development Goals Jaap E. Doek
International Labor Organization (ILO) and the International Program for the Elimination of Child Labor (IPEC) G.K. Lieten
The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) Mike Dottridge
The Role of Trade Unions Alec Fyfe
Organization of Working Children William E. Myers
The Economics of Consumer Actions Against Products with Child Labor Content Eric V. Edmonds
Global March Against Child Labor Risto F. Harma


Section 1. Introduction
Child Labor in Post-Colonial Africa Michel Bonnet

Child Labor in Colonial Africa Beverly Grier
HIV/AIDS and Child Labor in Sub-Saharan Africa Anita Amorim and Nadine Osseiran
Influence of Orphanhood on Children's Schooling and Labor: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa Lorenzo Guarcello, Scott Lyon, Furio C. Rosati, and Cristina Valdivia
Children's Work among Traditional Healers in Africa Eddy Joshua Walakira
Child Labor Unions in Africa G.K. Lieten

Section 2. Western Africa
Trafficking for Labor Exploitation in West and Central Africa Albertine de Lange
Quranic Schools and Child Labor in West Africa Mahir Saul

Burkina Faso
Child Labor in Burkina Faso Albertine de Lange

Cote d'Ivoire
Children's Work and Child Domestic Labor and Child Trafficking in Cote d'Ivoire Yacouba Diallo


Child Labor in Ghana Martin Verlet


Child Labor in Mali Richard Marcoux


Child Labor in Nigeria Risto F. Harma
Children in Street-Trading in Nigeria A.A. Aderinto
Child Labor in Nigeria: Historical Perspective Adelaja Odutola Odukoya

Child Labor in Senegal: Contemporary and Historical Perspective Loretta E. Bass

Sierra Leone


Section 3. Middle Africa
Child Soldiers in the Great Lakes Region of Africa Alison Dilworth


Child Labor in Cameroon Roger A. Tsafack Nanfosso

Central African Republic


Section 4. Eastern Africa

Child Labor in Ethiopia: Overview and Policy Challenges Tassew Woldehanna and Nicola Jones
Attending School, Learning, and Child Work in Ethiopia Arjun Singh Bedi and Assefa Admassie

Child Labor in Kenya Janet Wamsley
Children and Forced Labor in Colonial Kenya Opolot Okia




Child Labor in Tanzania Karen A. Porter

Child Labor in Uganda Eddy Joshua Walakira

Child Labor in Zambia Peter Jensen

Working Children in Zimbabwe Michael Bourdillon
Child Labor in Colonial Zimbabwe Beverly Grier

Section 5. Southern Africa


South Africa
Mapping Children's Work in South African History Susan Levine



Section 1. Introduction
Child Labor in Latin America Walter Alarcon Glasinovich

History of Childhood and Child Labor in Latin America Elizabeth Anne Kuznesof
Child Labor and Education in Latin America Mirellise Vazquez
Children's Social Movements in Latin America Marten van den Berge

Section 2. South America
Worst Forms of Child Labor in the Andes Region Marten van den Berge

Child Labor in Bolivia Marten van den Berge

Recent History of Child Labor in Brazil Ethel V. Kosminsky
Child Street Vendors in Brazil Ana Lucia Kassouf and Andrea R. Ferro
Prostitution and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents in Brazil Leandro Feitosa Andrade and Fulvia Rosemberg
Special Health Risks to Child Workers in Brazil Anaclaudia Gastal Fassa and David H. Wegman
The Inter-Generational Persistence of Child Labor in Brazil Andre Portela Souza
Child Labor Labeling in Brazil Andres Pablo Falconer
Development of Child Labor Law in Brazil Oris de Oliveira
The History of Child Labor in Brazil Ana Lucia Kassouf and Marcelo Justus dos Santos
Orphans and the Transition from Slave to Free Labor in Northeast Brazil Joan Meznar


Child Labor in Colombia Carmen Elisa Florez and Diana Hincapie






Section 3. Central America

Costa Rica

El Salvador
Child Labor in El Salvador Lorenzo Guarcello, Gabriella Breglia, and Scott Lyon

Child Labor in Guatemala Lorenzo Guarcello, Gabriella Breglia, and Scott Lyon

Child Labor in Honduras Adrienne Pine

Child Labor in Mexico Maja Pleic, Felicia Marie Knaul, and Albert Berry
Street Children in Mexico Felipe Peralta
Progressa Oportunidads: Mexico's School Stipend Program Abhra Roy
Impact of Temporary Labor Migration on Schooling among Mexican Children Grace Kao
History of Child Labor in Mexico Marcos T. Aguila, and Mariano E. Torres

Child Labor in Nicaragua Luis Serra


Section 4. Caribbean
Child Slaves on West Indies Sugar Plantations Jerome Teelucksingh

Dominican Republic

Child Labor in Haiti Tone Sommerfelt and Jon Pedersen

Child Labor in Jamaica Leith L. Dunn
Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Jamaica Leith L. Dunn


Section 1. Canada
Child Labor in Canada Nancy Janovicek

Children in Canadian Mining Elizabeth Perry
Nation Builders: Orphans in the Canadian Wilderness Gail H. Corbett
Evolution of Child Welfare Policy in Canada Maureen Baker

Section 2. United States

History of Child Labor
The Work of Enslaved Children in the United States Wilma King, Strickland Professor of History, University of Missouri
The Work of Enslaved Children in the United States Wilma King
Orphan Trains Laura L. Leavitt
History of Children in US Coal Mining Julia E. Offiong
Child Labor in the American Glass Industry Ken Fones-Wolf
Child Labor in American Textiles Hugh D. Hindman
Child Labor in Commercialized Agriculture, 1890-1966 Mary Lyons-Barrett
Evolution of US Child Labor Law Hugh D. Hindman
Florence Kelley and the National Consumers' League Laura S. Abrams
National Child Labor Committee James DelRosso
Felix Adler James DelRosso
Edgar Gardner Murphy
James DelRosso
Lewis Wickes Hine Tom Beck
The US Children's Bureau Kriste Lindenmeyer

Child Labor and the US Today

Children in the Fields: America's Hidden Child Labor Problem Reid Maki
21st Century Adolescence in America Jeremy Staff and Jeylan T. Mortimer
American Students' Activism Against Global Child Labor Chivy Sok

Section 1. Introduction
Europe: An Overview Colin Heywood

European Proto-Industrialization David Levine
European Industrialization and Child Labor Marjatta Rahikainen
History of Education in Europe: Schooling and Child Labor in Europe since the Reformation Harry Haue
Apprenticeship Practices in Europe Hal Hansen
Church and Child Labor-Catholicism Timothy Kelly
Church and Child Labor-Protestant Reformation Thomas Max Safley

Section 2. United Kingdom
History of Child Labor in Britain Peter Kirby
Pauper Apprenticeship in England Alysa Levene
History of Child Labor in Coal Mining in Britain Peter Kirby
Child Labor in the UK-Textiles Carolyn Tuttle
Child Work in Agriculture in Britain Nicola Verdon
Street Children and Street Trades in the UK Heather Shore
Chimney Sweep-Cultural Icon Heather Shore
Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 7th Earl of Shaftesbury (1801-1885) Deborah J. Schmidle
National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children Deborah Schmidle
Child Work and Child Labor in the United Kingdom Today Phil Mizen

Section 3. Northern Europe
History of Child Labor in the Nordic Countries Ellen Schrumpf
Family Policy in the Nordic Countries Pirjo Markkola

Child Labor in the Danish Textile Industry Jeppe Toensberg

History of Child Labor in Finland Marjatta Rahikainen

History of Child Labor in Sweden Lars Olsson
On Financial Incentives in Child Auctions in 19th Century Sweden Sofia Lundberg
Child Work and Child Labor in Sweden Today Kristina Engwall and Ingrid Soderlind

Section 4. Western Europe
Child Labor in Belgium Peter Scholliers
Child Labor in the Ghent Cotton Mills, 19th Century Peter Scholliers

France: An Historical Overview Colin Heywood

History of Child Labor in Germany: An Overview Thomas Max Safley
New Risks and New Opportunities in School-to-Work Transition: The Transformation of the German Apprenticeship System Jan Skrobanek, Birgit Reissig, and Nora Gaupp

The Netherlands
Child Labor in The Netherlands During Proto- and Early Industrialization Elise van Nederveen Meerkerk
Work, Education, and Discipline: Attitudes towards Child Labor in The Netherlands, 1500 to 1875 Cor Smit
Development of Child Labor Policy in The Netherlands Since 1874 Stan Meuwese
Newspaper Delivery in The Netherlands Stan Meuwese

Section 5. Southern Europe
Exploitation of Albanian Children in Greece Mirela Shuteriqi

Bosnia and Herzegovina

History of Child Labor in Portugal Pedro Goulart
Child Labor in Portugal Today Martin Eaton and Pedro Goulart
Child Labor in Portuguese Textiles Martin Eaton

Children's Work in Spanish Textiles during the 19th and 20th Centuries Enriqueta Camps

Section 6. Eastern Europe
Child Labor in Romania Maria-Carmen Pantea

History of Child Labor in Imperial Russia Boris B. Gorshkov
Child Labor in the Russian Textile Industry Dave Pretty
Children in Sex Trades in Russia Anna Yakovleva
Position of Children and Child Labor in Russia Today Valeriy A. Mansurov and Anastasiya Batykova


Section 1. North Africa
History of Child Labor in North Africa Heidi Morrison

History of Child Labor in Algeria Heidi Morrison

History of Child Labor in Libya Heidi Morrison

History of Child Labor in Morocco Heidi Morrison
Morocco: Why Children Go to Work Instead of School Bernard Schlemmer
The Pyjama Trail Affair: A Case Study in Child Labor Fatima Badry
Small Maids in Morocco Tone Sommerfelt

History of Child Labor in Tunisia Heidi Morrison

Section 2. Middle East
Child Labor in Azerbaijan Ryan Womack

Child Labor in Egypt Heidi Morrison

Child Labor in Georgia Nona Tsotseria

Child Labor in Iran Reza Jalali



Child Labor and Child Growth in Jordan Nick Spencer and Hasan Hawamdeh

Selling Girls in Kuwait Tom O'Neill

Child Labor in Turkey Yakin Erturk
Legal Protection of Working Children in Turkey Esin Konanc and Onur Dinc
Primary Education and Child Labor in Turkey Cennet Engin-Demir
Sexual Exploitation of the Girl Child: Juvenile Commercial Sex Workers in Istanbul Esin Kuntay and Guliz Erginsoy

United Arab Emirates
Children Trafficked to Gulf States for Use as Camel Jockeys Catherine Turner

Child Labor in Yemen Lorenzo Guarcello, Gabriella Breglia, and Scott Lyon


Section 1. Central Asia

Child Labor in Kazakhstan Ryan Womack


Section 2. South Asia
Rural Child Labor in South Asia Afke De Groot

Bangladeshi Garment Industry-from the Harkin Bill to the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association Munir Quddus

Economic History of Modern India Sharmistha Self
Evolution of the Law on Child Labor in India Usha Ramanathan
Children in India's Carpet Industry Shahid Ashraf
Children in India's Glass Industry Shahid Ashraf
Children in India's Tea Industry Shahid Ashraf
Children of Kolkata Slums Subrata Sankar Bagchi
Children of Delhi Slums Arup Mitra
Working Children's Unions in India Heike Roschanski
Child Labor and HIV and AIDS in India Indrani Gupta
Education and Child Labor in India Sharmistha Self
Challenges for Tribal Schooling in India Afke De Groot

Child Labor in Nepal Bal Kumar KC
Child Labor in the Tibeto-Nepalese Carpet Industry Tom O'Neill
Social Labelling Programs in Nepal's Carpet Industry Tom O'Neill
Trafficking of Child Workers in Nepal Govind Subedi
The Recruitment and Use of Children in Nepal's Armed Conflict Charu Lata Hogg

Child Labor in Pakistan Zarina Jillani
Child Work and Schooling Costs in Pakistan Arjun Singh Bedi and Gautam Hazarika
Child Labor in Pakistan's Export Industries Saadia Toor
Child Labor Policy and Legislation in Pakistan Zarina Jillani

Sri Lanka
Forcible recruitment of Children in Sri Lanka Charu Lata Hogg


Section 1. East Asia

Child Labor in China: An Overview G.K. Lieten and Hugh D. Hindman
Education in the People's Republic of China Andrew B. Kipnis
History of Child Labor in China Joshua H. Howard
History of Chinese Education Irving Epstein

History of Child Labor in Japan Atsuko Fujino Kakinami
Education and Child Labor in Japan Richard Grabowski and Sharmistha Self


Section 2. South East Asia
Child Labor in Cambodia Lorenzo Guarcello, Gabriella Breglia, and Scott Lyon

Child Labor in Indonesia Sharon Bessell
Child Labor in Sub-Contract Sectors of Indonesia's Garment and Footwear Industries Indrasari Tjandraningsih
Children and Work in Indonesia: Historical Overview Ben White
Development of Child Labor Policy in Indonesia Indrasari Tjandraningsih

Child Soldiers in Myanmar Written by Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers

Education and Child Labor in the Philippines Chris Sakellariou
Child Labor on Sugarcane Plantations in the Philippines Jennifer de Boer
Child Domestic Work in the Philippines Yuko Kitada
Children in Muro-Ami Fishing Harold Olofson
Children in the Philippine Gold Mining Industry Rosario M. Espino
Role of NGOs in the Philippines Yuko Kitada

Child Labor in Thailand Chantana Banpasirichote Wungaeo

Social Transformation and Children's Work in Vietnam Nguyen Van Chinh
Street Children in Vietnam Pietro Masina

Section 3. Oceania
Development of Child Welfare Policy in Australia Shurlee Swain
Aboriginal Child Labor in Colonial Australia Shirleene Robinson

New Zealand
Child Labor in New Zealand Jeanine Graham


Review(s): "The 222 original essays represent myriad perspectives and provide a wealth of fact, analysis, and food for thought. ...This comprehensive title is unique in gathering together theory, policy, and practice in one scholarly but highly readable volume. ...Highly recommended for high school, college, and public libraries." -- Library Journal

"Comprehensive in scope, the volume contains 222 original essays by 190 contributors. For those interested in child labor, this reference is an excellent starting point. Highly recommended. All readership levels." -- Choice

"This weighty tome, containing almost 1,000 pages, is the equivalent to a world atlas in its breadth of coverage. The more you dip into this book the more there is to find-it is like a sweet shop except that the subject, like sugar, is not good for children. Child labour is not just a historical phenomenon; it is still very much with us and this is what makes this amazing book so important. Whilst this book is encyclopaedic, it is not just descriptive. It contains serious debate and competing viewpoints. this book is an indispensable reference work." -- Children & Society

"Embracing 222 essays contributed by 190 authors and coauthors from multiple academic disciplines, [this book] integrates an impressive variety of approaches and perspectives on working children. Particularly remarkable is how editor Hugh Hindman combines views from academic scholars as well as practitioners from all over the world engaged in the fight against child labor. The collection of short essays comprehensively incorporates many relevant aspects pertinent to the issue. Contributions by authors with an academic as well as a pragmatic background and the integration of various approaches and disciplines enhance the quality of the edited volume considerably. An outstanding feature of this book is that it touches on child labor issues that are usually neglected or under-researched. The World of Child Labor is what it intends to be: an encyclopedia and a not only historical but also contemporary and regional survey." -- H-Net (H-Human-Rights)

"Editor Hugh Hindman has combined views of both academics and practitioners within the field to provide an in-depth overview of the topic of child labor and its consequences throughout the world. ... It is a definitive source to the problem's causes, consequences, and possible cures. In all there are 222 original essays written by 190 contributors making this an excellent starting point when researching this political, economic, and social problem found in countries throughout the world." -- American Reference Books Annual

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