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The History Highway: A 21st-Century Guide to Internet Resources, Fourth Edition
Edited by: Dennis A. Trinkle; Scott A. Merriman

Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7656-1630-2 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7656-1631-9
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USD: $122.95
E-ISBN: 0-7656-1794-3
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USD: $49.95
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Available to all countries
Information: 696pp. Glossary, index, CD-ROM.
Publication Date: May 2006.  


Description: Save yourself and your students hours of research time. Now extensively revised and expanded, The History Highway is widely recognized as the one essential tool for students, teachers and researchers seeking a reliable guide to history sites on the web.

The History Highway offers the broadest, most current coverage of the astonishing amount of historical information available on the Internet:
--provides detailed, easy-to-use, and up-to-date information on more than 3000 web sites
--covers U.S. and World history and all sub-fields
--features ten new chapters, with coverage of futurism, environmental history, immigration history, and Mediterranean and Middle Eastern history
--all sites have been throughly checked by specalists in the relevant field of history
--the best sites in each field are clearly identified
--includes a CD of the entire contents with live links to sites.

Selected Contents:


Part I: Getting Started

1. The Basics
History of the Internet
Uses of the Internet: Sending and Receiving E-Mail; E-mail Addresses ; E-mail Security ; Reading and Posting Messages on Newsgroups; Reading and Posting Messages on Discussion Lists; Word of Warning about Discussion Lists ; Blogging; Logging Onto a Remote Computer With Telnet; Transferring Files With File Transfer Protocol (FTP); Browsing the World Wide Web

2: Signing On
Getting on the Internet
Web Browsers and E-mail programs
Netiquette and Copyright: General Netiquette; Rules for Newsgroups and Discussion List and Blog Posts; Copyright
Evaluating Online Resources: Tools, Tips, and Terms: The Web Today; Information Literacy and Peer Review; The Democratization of Information; Evaluating Web Sites: What to Look For; The Questions; Bringing It All Together; Searching the Web; When in Doubt. . . . ASK!

Part II: Internet Sites for Historians

3: Futuring Methods, Practitioners and Organizations
4: Future Issues
5: General History
6: Ancient History
7: Medieval History
8: Renaissance and Reformation History
9: African History
10: Middle Eastern History
11: Asian History
12: Australian and New Zealand History
13: Canadian History
14: Latin and South American History
15: European History
General European History
British History
Eastern European and Russian History
Eastern Europe
French History
German History
Irish History
Italian History
Mediterranean History
Nordic (Scandinavian) History

16: United States History
General United States History
African-American History
Native American History
American West
Colonial American History (1492-1763)
Revolutionary America
Early United States History (1783-1860)
American Civil War History
Gilded Age and Progressive Era History
The Age of Franklin D. Roosevelt
The Great Depression
World War II--Home Front
World War II--Military History
The Cold War
General Twentieth-Century United States History

17: Women's History
18: World History
19: History of Computers
20: History of Science
21: History of Technology
22: Holocaust Studies
23: Legal, Civil Liberties, and Civil Rights History
24: Modern Military History
25: Historiography
26: Historic Preservation and Conservation
27: Urban History
28: Living History and Historic Reenactment
29: Genealogy
30: State and Provincial Historical Societies
31: History Book Sources on the Internet
32: History and Social Studies Organizations
33: Maps and Images
34: Resources for Teachers of History: K-12 and College
35: Electronic Journals
36: Libraries
37: Archives and Manuscript Collections
38: Special Collections
39: Digital Collections
40: Archival Exhibitions Online
41: Environmental History
42: Immigration History
43: Oral History
44: Business and Economic History
45: Natural History
46: Popular Culture
47: Online Reference Desk

About the Editors and Contributors

Comment(s): " The History Highway, now in its fourth edition, has long been the most useful work in the field for those teachers and students who want to become better users of Internet resources in history. As electronic resources become exponentially more important to good research, this guide has become indispensable in every historical field." -- Jeffrey Barlow, Director, Berglund Center for Internet Studies, Pacific University

Review(s): "This is a boon to history teachers and students at any level." -- Reference & Research Book News

"What makes this more valuable than just surfing for the same information is the doublecheck of each site by experts in their fields to assure high quality of materials and presentation. Ten new chapters here also handle environmental and business history, immigration and oral history, and futurism. And these are more than just web addresses: each comes with a synopsis of what's covered, making it possible to be specific in searches--and saving lots of time in the process." -- The Midwest Book Review

"Whether a seasoned scholar or just a casual history buff, this compendium will give users a wealth of sources to comlete their current research projects." -- American Reference Books Annual, Vol.38

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