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The Economics of Inequality, Discrimination, Poverty, and Mobility
Authored by: Robert Rycroft

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Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7656-2326-3 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7656-2327-0
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USD: $110.95 USD: $62.95
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Information: 394pp. Tables, figures, references, index, online instructor's materials.
Publication Date: July 2009.  


Description: Thoroughly classroom tested, this introductory-level text surveys what economists have to say about inequality (or income and wealth distribution), poverty, mobility--both intragenerational (within careers), and intergenerational (between generations)--and discrimination (on the basis of race, ethnicity, age, gender, and many other factors) in the United States.

This text brings the undergraduate treatment of these issues up-to-date, featuring detailed, non-mathematical examination of the economic theory underlying the analysis. There is a greater emphasis on mobility, on wealth accumulation, distribution and inheritance, and on discrimination law than in other texts. The author provides full and fair treatment of competing sides in several of the controversial issues in the field, written in such a way that instructors can use the text material to motivate a variety of classroom discussions. Online instructor's materials are also available to professors who adopt the text.

Selected Contents:


1. The Pie and How We Slice It

PART I. Inequality

2. Labor's Slice of the Pie
3. The Foundations of Labor's Slice
4. The Slices of Capital, Land, and Entrepreneurship
5. Labor Markets That Do Not Clear
6. Slicing the Pie in a Non-discriminatory Pure Market Economy
7. Equalizing the Slices
8. How Big a Slice Do We Deserve?

PART II. Discrimination

9. Does the Slice We Receive Depend on Our Race, Gender, Ethnicity, Etc.?
10. Detecting and Measuring Discrimination
11. Reducing the Impact of Discrimination on How the Pie is Sliced

PART III. Poverty

12. A Slice Too Small
13. Making Small Slices Larger

PART IV. Mobility

14. How the Size of a Slice Changes Over a Career
15. How the Size of a Slice Changes from Generation to Generation
16. The Accumulation, Distribution, and Transfer of Wealth

PART V. Final Thoughts

17. Equalizing and Enlarging the Slices


Comment(s): "For good or bad, the U.S. has experienced monumental changes in inequality, discrimination, poverty and mobility over the past decades. This text offers an objective, insightful examination of changes and trends, covering a whole host of views and possible explanations. There is no doubt these issues will remain hot topics for years to come, and this text provides a comprehensive understanding of the economics-the 'why's' and 'how's'-of inequality, discrimination, poverty and mobility." -- Rachel Greszler, Congressional Staff Economist

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