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Sports in America from Colonial Times to the Twenty-First Century: An Encyclopedia
Edited by: Steven A. Riess

Choice Outstanding Academic Title

E-book now available from EBSCO eBooks and GVRL.
Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7656-1706-4 Paper ISBN: Not Available
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USD: $349.00 N/A
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Information: 1224pp. Three volumes; topic finder; essays; photos; chronology; bibliographies; directory of sports organizations.
Publication Date: August 2011.  


Description: A sweeping perspective of sports in the United States from the colonial era to the present day, this work explores the subject from a variety of perspectives--society, business, economics, law, politics, psychology, and others. Unlike traditional sports encyclopedias, Sports in America is not an almanac of teams, athletes and statistics. Instead, the focus is on history, explaining the process by which sports and its institutions have developed over the centuries, especially in the context of major social developments such as industrialization, urbanization, and immigration.

The first section of the encyclopedia includes a series of chronological essays analyzing the historical development of American sports over the past four centuries. Following this, nearly 400 A-Z entries focus on the relationship between sports and society, culture, economics, and public affairs. Topics include psychological issues affecting athletic performance and spectatorship; race and ethnicity; law and ethics; professionalism versus amateurism; nationalism, regionalism, and urbanization; and artistic expression. The encyclopedia also includes biographical entries on major contributors to sports in America: athletes and owners, promoters and union leaders, journalists and broadcasters, and innovators of other kinds, as well as entries on individual sports--major and minor--from air racing and archery to wrestling and yachting.

Selected Contents:

Topic Finder
List of Contributors


Colonial Era; Early Republic, Antebellum, and Civil War Eras, 1790-1870; Gilded Age, 1870-1900; Progressive Era, 1900-1920; Interwar Period and World War II, 1920-1945; Postwar Era, 1946-1970; Postwar Era, Since 1970


Aaron, Hank; Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem; African American Baseball, Before 1920; African American Baseball, Negro League Era; African Americans; Agents; Air Racing; Ali, Muhammad; All-America Football Conference; All-American Girls Baseball League; Amateur Athletic Union; Amateurism; American Basketball Association; America s Cup; Archery; Arledge, Roone; Armstrong, Lance; Arts, Visual; Ashe, Arthur; Astrodome; Athletic Clubs; Athletics, Oakland/Kansas City/Philadelphia; Atlas, Charles; Automobile Racing; Avalanche, Colorado/Quebec Nordiques

Baker, Hobey; Baseball, to 1870; Baseball, Major League; Baseball, Minor League; Baseball, Semiprofessional; Basketball, College; Basketball, Professional, Pre-NBA; Basketball, Professional, NBA Era; Basketball, Women s; Baugh, Sammy; Bears, Chicago; Bennett, James G., Jr.; Berenson, Senda; Billiards; Black Sox Scandal; Blackhawks, Chicago; Blue Jays, Toronto; Blue Laws; Bobsled, Luge, and Skeleton; Bodybuilding; Bonds, Barry; Bowl Games, College Football; Bowling; Boxing; Braves, Atlanta/Milwaukee/Boston; Brotherhood of Professional Baseball Players; Brown, Jim; Brown, Paul; Browns, Cleveland; Bruins, Boston; Brundage, Avery; Bryant, Bear; Bulls, Chicago; Business of Sports

Camp, Walter; Canadiens, Montreal; Canine Sports; Canoeing; Canucks, Vancouver; Cardinals, St. Louis (Baseball); Catholic Youth Organization; Celtics, Boston; Celtics, Original; Central Park, New York City; Chamberlain, Wilt; Cheerleading; Chinese Americans; Class, Economic and Social; Clemente, Roberto; Clothing; Cobb, Ty; Cockfighting; College All-Star Football Game; College Basketball Scandal of 1951; Colts, Indianapolis/Baltimore; Comiskey, Charles; Cosell, Howard; Country Clubs; Cowboys, Dallas; Coyotes, Phoenix/Winnipeg Jets; Crawfords, Pittsburgh; Cricket; Crime, Organized; Croquet; Cross Country; Cubs, Chicago; Curling; Cycling

Davis, Al; Davis Cup; De La Hoya, Oscar; Dempsey, Jack; Didrikson (Zaharias), Babe; DiMaggio, Joe; Disability Sports; Diving; Dodgers, Los Angeles/Brooklyn; Drugs, Performance-Enhancing

Earnhardt, Dale; Eclipse; Ederle, Gertrude; Endorsements, Athlete; Epstein, Charlotte; ESPN; Extreme Sports

Federal League; Feller, Bob; Fencing; Field Hockey; Figure Skating; Film; Fishing; Flames, Calgary/Atlanta; Football, College; Football, Professional; 49ers, San Francisco; Foster, Andrew "Rube"

Gambling; Gans, Joe; Gehrig, Lou; German Americans; Giants, Cuban (Baseball); Giants, New York (Football); Giants, San Francisco/New York (Baseball); Gibson, Althea; Gibson, Josh; Glickman, Marty; Globalization; Golf; Gonzales, Pancho; Gonzales, Rodolfo "Corky"; Gottlieb, Eddie; Government, Local; Government, U.S.; Grange, Red; Grays, Homestead; Greenberg, Hank; Greenlee, Gus; Gretzky, Wayne; Gulick, Luther; Gymnastics

Hagen, Walter; Halas, George; Hamm, Mia; Handball; Harlem Globetrotters; Harness Racing; Historically Black Colleges; Hogan, Ben; Holman, Nat; Horse Racing; Hot Rodding; Hunting

Ice Hockey; Indianapolis 500; Indians, Cleveland; Industrial Sports; Industrialization; Injuries, Protection Against and Remediation of; Intercollegiate Athletic Associations and Conferences; Interscholastic Sports; Irish Americans; Italian Americans

Japanese Americans; Jeffries, Jim; Jewish Americans; Jockey Club, The; Johnson, Earvin "Magic"; Johnson, Jack; Johnson, Walter; Jones, Bobby; Jordan, Michael; Joyner-Kersee, Jackie

Kahanamoku, Duke Paoa; Kentucky Derby; King, Billie Jean; King, Don; Knicks, New York; Koufax, Sandy; Krone, Julie

Lacrosse; Lakers, Los Angeles/Minneapolis; LaMotta, Jake; Landis, Kenesaw Mountain; Lapchick, Joe; Lardner, Ring; Latinos and Latinas; Law; Lee, Bruce; Leonard, Benny; Leonard, Sugar Ray; Lewis, Carl; Lieberman, Nancy; Liston, Sonny; Literature; Literature, Juvenile; Little League Baseball; Lombardi, Vince; Louis, Joe; Luckman, Sid

Mack, Connie; Madison Square Garden; Major League Baseball Players Association; Man o' War; Manley, Effa; Mantle, Mickey; Maple Leafs, Toronto; Marathon; Marble, Alice; Marciano, Rocky; Martial Arts; Mascots, Names, and Symbols; Mathewson, Christy; Mays, Willie; McGraw, John J.; McLendon, John; Military, Sports and the; Miller, Marvin; Minoso, Minnie; Monarchs, Kansas City; Monday Night Football ; Morrissey, John; Motley, Marion; Motorcycle Sports; Mountaineering; Murphy, Isaac; Muscular Christianity; Music

Naismith, James; Namath, Joe; NASCAR; National Association of Professional Baseball Players; National Football League Players Association; National Hockey League Players' Association; National Police Gazette ; Nationals, Washington/Montreal Expos; Native Americans; Navratilova, Martina; Newspapers and Magazines; Nicklaus, Jack; Nike; Notre Dame, University of
Oilers, Edmonton; Olympics, Summer; Olympics, Winter; O'Malley, Walter; Orioles, Baltimore/St. Louis Browns; Owens, Jesse

Pacific Coast League; Pacific Islanders; Packers, Green Bay; Paige, Satchel; Palmer, Arnold; Pan American Games; Parks, Municipal; Patriots, New England; Pedestrianism; Petty, Richard; Phelps, Michael; Phillies, Philadelphia; Physical Education; Pirates, Pittsburgh; Pistons, Detroit; Playgrounds and Playground Movement; Polish Americans; Pollard, Fritz; Polo; Posey, Cumberland; Psychology, Sports; Public Schools Athletic League

Race and Race Relations; Racquet Sports (Except Tennis); Radio; Raiders, Oakland/Los Angeles; Rams, St. Louis/Los Angeles/Cleveland; Rangers, New York; Red Sox, Boston; Red Wings, Detroit; Reds, Cincinnati; Redskins, Washington; Religion; Renaissance, New York; Reserve Clause; Rickard, Tex; Rickey, Branch; Robertson, Oscar; Robeson, Paul; Robinson, Eddie; Robinson, Frank; Robinson, Jackie; Robinson, Sugar Ray; Rockne, Knute; Rodeo; Roller Sports; Roosevelt, Theodore; Rose, Pete; Ross, Barney; Rowing; Rozelle, Pete; Rudolph, Wilma; Rugby; Running; Russell, Bill; Ruth, Babe

Saloons, Taverns, and Sports Bars; Saperstein, Abe; Schwarzenegger, Arnold; Seabiscuit; Sears, Eleanora; Settlement Houses; 76ers, Philadelpia/Syracuse Nationals; Shoemaker, Willie; Shooting; Skateboarding; Skiing, Alpine; Skiing, Freestyle; Skiing, Nordic; Snowboarding; Soccer; Social and Athletic Clubs; Softball; Sokol Movement; Spalding, Albert; Speed Skating; Speedboating; Sporting Goods Industry; Sporting News; Sports Illustrated ; Stadiums and Arenas; Stagg, Amos A.; Steelers, Pittsburgh; Steinbrenner, George; Stevens, John C.; Sullivan, John L.; Super Bowl; Surfing; Swimming

Taylor, Major; Technology; Television; Tennis; Thorpe, Jim; Tigers, Detroit; Tilden, Bill; Title IX; Track and Field; Trevino, Lee; Triathlon; Turnvereins; Twins, Minnesota/Washington Senators; Tyson, Mike


Veeck, Bill; Violence in Sports; Volleyball

Warriors, Golden State/San Francisco/Philadelphia; Washington, Ora; Water Polo; Weightlifting; Weissmuller, Johnny; White Sox, Chicago; Wide World of Sports, ABC's ; Williams, Ted; Wills (Moody), Helen; Women; Wooden, John; Woods, Tiger; World Hockey Association; Wrestling, Amateur; Wrestling, Professional; Wright, Harry

Yacht Racing; Yankee Stadium; Yankees, New York; Young Men's Christian Association and Young Women's Christian Association; Young Men's/Women's Hebrew Association

Institutions, Organizations, and Governing Bodies

Review(s): "Entries, which are all followed by further-reading suggestions and cross-references, provide enough detail to give readers a good overview of topics, and they analyze each topic's sports and social significance. This outstanding reference meets its stated objective of combining readable and accessible information about sports with a broader perspective that gives readers an understanding of how such activities have been an integral part of American culture, making it a wise selection." -- School Library Journal (Starred Review)

"This readable set offers a comprehensive history of its topic, featuring factual information, analysis, and interpretation. It is highly recommended for reference collections serving sports enthusiasts and those interested in recreation and American history." -- Library Journal

"The key to this wonderful work, with some 400 A-Z entries and an extremely broad scope, lies in the editor's description of what he is trying to accomplish. Far more than a simple compendium of statistics, records, and histories of all sports, this three-volume set provides well-written essays on the history of American sports and on people and events that impacted American culture. Its crowning achievement--what sets it apart from other sports encyclopedias--is the way in which contributors cover sports history from both the spectator and participatory sides, and are able to merge this coverage into the economic and social culture of the US from Colonial times to the present. In addition to a nice chronology and a list of numerous sports-related organizations, the set features an outstanding bibliography that in itself makes this work worth acquiring. Highly recommended. Lower-level undergraduates and above; general readers." -- Choice

"Given the topics covered and the accessible writing style, these articles make for fascinating reading for the interested sports fan as well as the student needing background for a research paper. While the articles make up the bulk of the set, there are equally valuable essays that take readers from the Colonial Era through to the present day, providing essential historic context. They make informative and compelling reading for those interested in both sports and history. There are also other value-added features including a thematic index, a chronology, a listing of institutions, organizations and governing bodies, a cumulative bibliography and a through index. Sports in America is a serious and thoughtful effort that is accessible to a variety of readers. It offers a fascinating and informed look at the history and social impacts of one of the keystones of our culture. It should find a place in public, high school, and undergraduate libraries." -- Against the Grain

"...Recommended for purchase by academic and larger public library collections." -- Booklist

"As a source for a broad spectrum of topics, this encyclopedia could be very valuable to U.S. History teachers where students are conducting a wide range of research. The major strength is its breadth and depth of information." -- Library Media Connection

"The overall quality of entries is high - scholarly, informative and succinct. ... The introductory review essays on the different periods of American sport and society provides an excellent overview. The recommended further readings at the foot of each entry are also very useful and appear to embrace all the significant works. Finding your way round the encyclopedia could not be easier with the useful Topic Finder, all the cross-referencing of individual entries, the year by year chronology of events in American sport history and very detailed index. ... The author and most of the contributors are to be widely congratulated on their achievements and I would recommend it to any library supporting the study of sport. ... there is much useful information that would help the individual take a more perceptive look at sport in other countries and also help the journalist get a good detailed angle on many topics, events and personalities." -- Reference Reviews

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