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Organizational Behavior 1: Essential Theories of Motivation and Leadership
Authored by: John B. Miner

Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7656-1523-7 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7656-1524-4
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USD: $122.95 USD: $59.95
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Paperback not available in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.
Information: 432pp. Tables, figures, references, index.
Publication Date: March 2005.  


Description: This comprehensive text provides a detailed review and analysis of the building-block theories in Organizational Behavior. John Miner has identified the key theories that every student or scholar needs to understand to be considered literate in the discipline.

Organizational Behavior I: Essential Theories of Motivation and Leadership analyzes the work of leading theorists. Each chapter includes the background of the theorist represented; the context in which the theory arose; the initial and subsequent theoretical statements; research on the theory by the theory's author and others (including meta-analysis and reviews); and practical applications. Special features including boxed summaries of each theory at the beginning of each chapter; two introductory chapters on the scientific method and the development of knowledge; and detailed and comprehensive references help make this text especially useful for graduate courses in Organizational Behavior and Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

Selected Contents:

List of Tables and Figures

Part I. Scientific Introduction
1. Science and Its Theory
2. The Conduct of Research and the Development of Knowledge
Part II. Theories of Motivation
3. From Social Psychology and Personality Theory: Kurt Lewin
4. Achievement Motivation Theory: David McClelland
5. Motivation-Hygiene Theory: Frederick Herzberg
6. Job Characteristics Theory: Richard Hackman, Edward Lawler, and Greg Oldham
7. Expectancy Theories: Victor Vroom, and Lyman Porter and Edward Lawler
8. Operant Behavior and Organizational Behavior Modification: Clay Hamner, and Fred Luthans and Robert Kreitner
9. Equity Theory: J. Stacy Adams
10. Goal-setting Theory: Edwin Locke and Gary Latham
11. Attribution Theory--Managerial Perceptions of the Poor Performing Subordinate: Terence Mitchell and Stephen Green
Part III. Theories of Leadership
12. Normative Decision Process Theory: Victor Vroom, Philip Yetton, and Arthur Jago
13. Contingency Theory of Leadership: Fred Fiedler
14. Vertical Dyad Linkage and Leader-Member Exchange Theory: George Graen
15. Information Processing Theory of Leadership: Robert Lord
16. Substitutes for Leadership: Steven Kerr
17. Role Motivation Theory: John Miner
18. Charismatic Leadership Theory: Robert House
19. Transformational Leadership Theory: Bernard Bass

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Comment(s): "As one of the discipline's preeminent voices, Jack Miner has once again shown a range of empirical and theoretical understanding that is rarely encountered. It is impossible to read Miner's original insights without having one's understanding of motivation and leadership theory permanently and dramatically widened. For those of us who have admired Jack's ability to identify and distill our discipline's major themes, this is vintage Miner, Miner at his best." -- Arthur G. Bedeian, Louisiana State University

"Miner provides a clear, comprehensive examination of the best theories of motivation and leadership. Up-to-date references cover the latest research and theoretical developments. Readers get a sense of each theory's validity, applicability, and impact on the field. An authoritative source, the book is ideal for undergraduate and graduate courses in micro-organizational behavior and invaluable for doctoral students to guide research and practice." -- Manuel London, State University of New York at Stony Brook

"Miner's new volume, Organizational Behavior I, is a pleasure to read, ideal for OB courses or seminars on motivation. There are not many available resources for accurate appraisals of current research, written in such an accessible style." -- Timothy Judge, University of Florida

Review(s): "Miner uniquely captures the reader's attention by placing each theory in a well-elaborated intellectual and historical context. ... This novel approach deserves the attention of serious readers interested in a deeper understanding of micro-organizational theory. Each chapter contains classic as well as up-to-date references. Recommended. Graduate through professional collections." -- Choice

" On the first three volumes: ... these books are fine scholarly works. One can hardly imagine a professor of management or management doctoral student who does not have these books and regularly refer to them as a source of information and inspiration." -- Academy of Management Review

"Management and industrial psychology graduate students across the country will heave a sigh of relief when they find Miner's Organizational Behavior I. In this volume... Miner reviews and analyzes the major theories of motivation and leadership that any serious management scholar should know about and understand. ... Miner has done the field a great service. ... Teaching professionals could adopt this volume in graduate classes in OB and industrial psychology. Certainly, young scholars will enjoy the up-to-date information, organized succinctly... Researchers starting new projects on either motivation or leadership will be able to place their own research streams within the historic flow of ideas." -- Personnel Psychology

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