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Management for a Small Planet, Third Edition
Authored by: Jean Garner Stead; W. Edward Stead

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Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7656-2308-9 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7656-2309-6
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USD: $93.95 USD: $45.95
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Available from Greenleaf Publishing in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, China (including Hong Kong), South Korea, and Japan.
Information: 232pp. Figures, references, index.
Publication Date: July 2009.  


Description: When this classic text was first published in 1992 it provided a unique focus for the burgeoning concern for sustainability and sustainable organizational practices. The book's impact continues to be felt today as large multinational corporations are making substantial commitments to the "triple bottom line" of economic success, social responsibility, and environmental protection, and sustainability has become a part of curricula in business schools around the globe.

Featuring extensive new material throughout, this new edition of Management for a Small Planet maintains the same unique vision and approach that made the original so influential. Unlike other texts on the topic, it employs a strategic, general management perspective within theoretical frameworks on how organizations can be instrumental in moving humankind toward a more sustainable world. Part I includes chapters dedicated to each dimension of sustainability: biophysical, economic, and social. Part II contains the specifics on the formulation and implementation of sustainable management practices, all grounded in the principles of organizational behavior, leadership, and business strategy. The book is an ideal text for any course concerned with environmental management and sustainable management practices.

Selected Contents:


Part I. Business Happens on a Small Planet

1. Management Meets a Small Planet
The Earth Is a Small Planet
Becoming Part of Something Larger
A New Perspective for Managers
Sustainability: Transcending the Manager's Divergent Dilemmas
Organizations Coevolving with Their Environments
Pursuing the Triple Bottom Line
Transforming to Sustainable Organizational Management
Plan of the Book

2. Management Happens on Earth: The Biophysical Dimension of Sustainability
The Coevolving Earth
Carrying Capacity Meets the Human Footprint

3. Economics as if the Planet Mattered: The Economic Dimension of Sustainability
Inadequate Economic Assumptions
A New Economics for a Coevolving World

4. Searching for Equity: The Social Dimension of Sustainability
The Injustice of Distributive Inequity
Distributive Equity: Searching for Economic, Social and Environmental Justice

Part II. Managing on a Small Planet

5. Coevolution and Sustainable Organizational Management
Coevolution: Meta-Theory for Sustainable Organizational Management
Coevolution, Organizational Renewal, and The Rise of New Organizational Forms

6. Leading the Way to Sustainable Organizational Management
Strategic Leadership: Human Energy for Sustainable Organizational Management
Standing for Sustainability

7. Creating Sustainable Stakeholder Value
The Coevolutionary Competitive Environment
Stakeholder Value Creation Processes
Adding Stakeholder Value Via Eco- and Socio-Efficiency
Developing Eco- and Socio-Efficient Capabilities

8. Sustainable Strategic Management
The SSM Corporate Portfolio
Defining the Corporate SSM Mission
Coevolving Global Markets
SSM Strategies
Sustainable Management Systems

9. Capabilities for Managing on a Small Planet: A Final Look
Coevolving Sustainable Organizational Management Capabilities
The Road to Sustainable Organizational Management
Conclusions: Redefining Managerial Success

About the Authors

Comment(s): "When Management for a Small Planet first came out, Ed and Jean Stead established themselves as pioneers in a field in which few people were engaged. Today, that book has become a classic. And with the release of this third edition, their message is as timely as it was when it first came out. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in managing business and protecting the environment." -- Andrew J. Hoffman, University of Michigan

"Ed and Jean Stead continue to enrich the management literature with a perspective that firmly roots the economy and its organizations within the constraints of the biophysical world. A solid contribution and a much-needed reorientation of the field." -- Herman E. Daly, University of Maryland

"The Steads have taken a fresh look at integrating sustainability and management drawing on their decades of knowledge in these areas. The result is a versatile book that can easily complement and augment a wide variety of management education needs." -- Mark Cordano, Ithaca College

"When it was published in the early 1990s, Management for a Small Planet was a pioneering book on managing for sustainable organizations. The publication of the 3rd edition of this book indicates how well it has stood the test of time. Written in simple language for business students and managers, the book introduces and explains to the reader basic sustainability concepts. The book then explains the fundamental changes managers need to make in their organizations in order to embark on the path of sustainability. This book is both a useful textbook for students facing their first exposure to sustainable business and a valuable resource for managers seeking a basic understanding of what a sustainable organization would possibly look like." -- Sanjay Sharma, Concordia University

Review(s): "With the passion and zest of their classic earlier editions, the authors continue their persuasive argument for a strategic leadership model in which success is measured not only by economic achievements but also by a leader's social conscience and concern for global sustainability. Excellent new materials, revised examples, and updated references enhance the chapters. The bibliography provides a valuable reference source for anyone interested in environmental management or sustainable practices. Highly recommended. All levels of undergraduate students, practitioners, and general readers." -- Choice

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