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Making Urban Revolution in China: The CCP-GMD Struggle for Beiping-Tianjin, 1945-1949
Authored by: Joseph K.S. Yick

Cloth ISBN: 978-1-56324-605-0 Paper ISBN: 978-1-56324-606-7
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USD: $107.95 USD: $45.95
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Available to all countries
Information: 260pp. Maps, bibliography, index.
Publication Date: June 1995.  


Description: This book analyzes the Chinese Communist movement in Beiping-Tianjin during the decisive Civil War period (1945-49) by focusing on the underground organization and strategy of the CCP in working with students. The activity of the student-intellectual-based Communist underground played a crucial role in "making urban revolution" amid GMD blunders.

The Chinese Civil War (1945-1949) was a crucial period in the history of modern China. In this book, the author utilizes much of the new material available since 1978 to give a deeper understanding of the CCP underground movement in Beiping-Tianjin during that period. The author
--provides rich details about the organization and strategy of the CCP in working with students;
--demonstrates that the Communists' organization of labor was much less significant than their activities among intellectuals;
--details the weaknesses of the GMD and how the CCP played on them during their political struggle in the cities;
--concludes that intelligence war played a crucial role in "making urban revolution" amid GMD blunders.
This book brings groundbreaking insight to our knowledge of the Chinese Communist movement, the Chinese Civil War, and Chinese urban history.

Review(s): "Yick draws from a wide array of Chinese and Western sources to complete this study." -- Choice

"A significant contribution to our understanding of the Communist victory in 1949. While historians have paid a great deal of attention to the Communist mobilization of the peasantry and the military dimension of the civil war, this book explores the Communist urban underground movements." -- China Information

"Worthwhile reading for those scholars pursuing an intricate source on the development of communist organisational structures. Making Urban Revolution is an original addition to the growing field of urban history in China. The factual approach Yick employs to examine this important topic does not detract from the work's value; rather, it offers an invaluable cohesion of information to outline the development of the CCP into an effective urban force." -- Asian Studies Review

"Yick's work adds important information to the story of how the Communists came to power in China." -- Journal of Contemporary Asia

"Outstanding. ... Clearly organized, lucidly written, and based on a vast research effort in newly available materials, its impact will extend beyond Chinese Communist studies to the growing literature on Chinese urban sociology and the broader field of labor history." -- The American Historical Review

"This book is the first case study of the civil war in two of China's largest cities. ... It will be as useful for classroom teachers as for scholars of the revolution." -- The China Quarterly

"A very useful and illuminating study of CCP and Nationalist urban political organization and operations during the Civil War." -- The Pacific Review

"As is attested by this book's extensive bibliography, Yick has taken full advantage of the sources that have become available since 1978. ... By revealing for the first time the full significance of the CCP's urban activities, Yick has made a valuable contribution to the historiography of the civil war period in China." -- Pacific Affairs

"This is a well-organized and researched book. Yick's extensive bibliography, which contains dozens of recently published Chinese studies and document collections, will serve as a solid foundation for any future research on the civil war period. The book should be read by all those examining the history of twentieth century China, and particularly the CCP. It not only challenges many of our past conceptions of the Chinese Revolution but also provides a possible framework and context into which the other student movements of this century can be placed." -- Journal of Asian History

"The book is graced with a good, solid introduction and conclusion in which the author clearly presents his views and conclusions. It also contains an impressive bibliography of more than five hundred titles." -- China Review International

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