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Local Government Management: Current Issues and Best Practices
Edited by: Douglas J. Watson; Wendy L. Hassett

Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7656-1127-7 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7656-1128-4
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USD: $104.95 USD: $47.95
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Information: 440pp. Tables, figures, bibliographic references, index
Publication Date: June 2003.  


Description: Some of the very best writings on issues involving local government can be found in journals published by the American Society for Public Administration or journals with which ASPA is associated. This volume includes thirty of the most outstanding articles that have been published over the past sixty years in these journals. Local Government Management is an ideal supplement for any course in local management and administration, whether the audience is students or practicing professionals.

Selected Contents:

List of Tables, Figures, and Boxes
Part 1. Relations Between Elected Officials and Professional Staff
1. The Manager Is a Politician Karl A. Bosworth
2. The City Manager: Professional Helping Hand, or Political Hired Hand? Richard J. Stillman II
3. The Mayor as a Policy Leader in the Council-Manager Form of Government: A View From the Field Nelson Wikstrom
4. Dichotomy and Duality: Reconceptualizing the Relationship Between Policy and Administration in Council-Manager Cities James H. Svara
5. City Managers: Will They Reject Policy Leadership? James M. Banovetz
6. A Case for Reinterpreted Dichotomy of Politics and Administration as a Professional Standard in Council-Manager Government Robert S. Montjoy and Douglas J. Watson
7. The Shifting Boundary Between Elected Officials and City Managers in Large Council-Manager Cities James H. Svara
Part 2. Using Tax Dollars Wisely: Budgeting and Financial Management
8. Financial Management: A Balancing Act for Local Government Chief Financial Officers W. Bartley Hildreth
9. Budget Reform and Political Reform: Conclusions from Six Cities Irene S. Rubin
10. Budgetary Balance: The Norm, Concept, and Practice in Large U.S. Cities Carol W. Lewis
11. Analyzing How Local Governments Establish Service Priorities Aimee L. Franklin and Brandi Carberry-George
12. State and Local Governments as Borrowers: Strategic Choices and the Capital Market W. Bartley Hildreth
13. Litigation Costs, Budget Impacts, and Cost Containment Strategies: Evidence from California Cities Susan A. MacManus
Part 3. The Changing World of Public Personnel Management
14. Municipal Government Personnel Systems: A Test of Two Archetypical Models Siegrun Fox Freyss
15. Affirmative Action in Municipal Government: Anatomy of a Failure Steve Ballard and Gayle Lawn-Day
16. Explaining the Tenure of Local Government Managers Richard Feiock and Christopher Stream
17. What Municipal Employees Want From Their Jobs Versus What They Are Getting Carole L. Jurkiewicz and Tom K. Massey
18. Managerial Responses to an Aging Municipal Workforce Jonathan P. West and Evan M. Berman
19. Performance Appraisal Practices for Upper Management in City Governments David N. Ammons and Arnold Rodriguez
20. Values Management in Local Government Evan M. Berman and Jonathan West
Part 4. Making Local Governments More Productive and Responsive
21. Issues in Productivity Measurement for Local Governments Harry P. Hatry
22. Improving the Goal-Setting Process in Local Government Louise G. White
23. Strategies for Management of Decline and Productivity Improvement in Local Government Richard G. Higgins, Jr.
24. Applying Strategic Decision Making in Local Government Gregory Streib
25. Implementing TQM in Local Government: The Leadership Challenge Jonathan P. West, Evan M. Berman, and Michael E. Milakovich
26. The Re-ing of Local Government: Understanding and Shaping Governmental Change Herbert A. Marlowe, Jr., Ronald Nyhan, Lawrence W. Arrington, and William J. Pammer
Part 5. Citizen Involvement: Opportunities for Participation
27. Gender and Local Government: A Comparison of Women and Men City Managers Richard L. Fox and Robert A. Schuhmann
28. The Bureaucratic Entrepreneur: The Case of City Managers Paul Teske and Mark Schneider
29. Dealing with Cynical Citizens Evan M. Berman
30. Standards of Excellence: U.S. Residents Evaluations of Local Government Services Thomas I. Miller and Michelle A. Miller

Review(s): "The ASPA Classics series has focused and refocused the central issues in the field, both those that have been problematic for generations and those that have emerged more recently. In doing so, the series provides public administration scholars and practitioners with valuable assessments of important parts of the field and indicators of the work to be done to advance theory and practice." -- Public Administration Review

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