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Leveraging Consumer Psychology for Effective Health Communications: The Obesity Challenge
Edited by: Rajeev Batra; Punam Anand Keller; Victor J. Strecher

Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7656-2717-9 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7656-2718-6
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Information: 424pp. Tables, figures, bibliographic references, name index, subject index.
Publication Date: May 1996.  


Description: Public health campaigns are useless without insight on how consumers make health-related decisions. This timely book brings together some of the most highly respected scholars and practitioners in the consumer psychology and health communication fields to analyze how the latest research can be best applied to the critical public health issue of obesity.

Each rigorous yet accessible chapter presents reviews, research findings and recommendations on how communications and interventions can be more effectively crafted to fight this growing public health crisis. The chapters span the individual/micro, social/macro, environmental, and policy research perspectives, and offer state-of-the-art information on the most efficient use of warnings and nutritional labels; fear appeals; community-based strategies; promoting positive attitudes and behaviors; and many more health communication topics.

Selected Contents:

Foreword Brian Wansink
Introduction Rajeev Batra, Punam A. Keller, and Victor J. Strecher

Part I. Overviews

1. Design of Effective Obesity Communications: Insights from Consumer Research Punam A. Keller and Donald R. Lehmann
2. Population-Based Prevention of Obesity American Heart Association

Part II. Research on Consumer Biases

3. An Ounce of Prevention, An Apple a Day: Effects of Consumers' Lay Theories on Health-Related Behaviors Anirban Mukhopadhyay
4. Calorie Estimation Biases in Consumer Choice Alexander Chernev and Pierre Chandon
5. Food Temptations versus Self-Control: Friends or Enemies? Kelly Geyskens
6. Thinking About Health and Obesity: How Consumers' Mental Experiences Influence Health Judgments Ian Skurnik, Carolyn Yoon, and Norbert Schwarz
7. How the Body Type of Others Impacts Our Food Consumption Brent McFerran, Darren W. Dahl, Gavan J. Fitzsimons, and Andrea C. Morales

Part III. Communication Strategy and Tactics

8. The Relative Effectiveness of Gain-Framed and Loss-Framed Persuasive Appeals Concerning Obesity-Related Behaviors Daniel J. O'Keefe and Jakob D. Jensen
9. Practicing what you Preach: Using Hypocrisy and Cognitive Dissonance to Reduce the Risk for Obesity Jeff Stone
10. The Use of Negative Emotions in Health Communication: Implications for Fighting Obesity Imne Becheur and Pierre Valette-Florence
11. Using Identity Signaling to Combat Obesity and Improve Public Health Lindsay P. Rand and Jonah Berger
12. Developing and Validating Motivational Message Interventions for Improving Prescription Drug Adherence with Consumers Confronting Chronic Diseases Gary L. Kreps, Melinda M. Villagran, Xiaoquan Zhao, Colleen McHorney, Christian Ledford, Melinda Weathers, and Brian Keefe

Part IV. Combating Obesity in Children and Young Adults

13. Preventing Childhood Obesity by Persuading Mothers to Breastfeed: Matching Appeal Type to Personality John J. Sailors
14. Ecological Factors and Childhood Obesity: A Structural Look Nancy Wong and Myoung Kim
15. The Impact of Health Games on Consumers' Physical Activity and Healthy Eating Intentions Seung-A Annie Jin

Part V. Environmental and Policy Perspectives

16. Bringing a Bit of Social Marketing to the Problem of Obesity Michael L. Rothschild
17. Marketing MyPyramid: Taking the Dietary Guidelines Home Brian Wansink
18. Simplified Nutrition Guidelines to Fight Obesity Jason Riis and Rebecca Ratner
19. Shrinking Liberty to Combat Expanding Waistlines Peter A. Ubel
20. Controlling Obesity: Lessons Learned from Tobacco Control and Tobacco Marketing Research Barbara Loken, K. Viswanath, and Melanie A. Wakefield

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Comment(s): "This book is a very important addition to the literature. By relating the many facets of consumer psychology to the obesity problem, it enhances our understanding of the issues and offers a menu of interesting, fresh ideas for combating the challenges. The editors should be commended for assembling such a lineup of leading researchers from multiple disciplines, representing varied perspectives." -- Dogan Eroglu, PhD., Associate Director for Communication Science, Office of the Associate Director for Communication Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

"How great that in one book, these authors have provided the missing audience-centered approaches to addressing one of the major epidemics in our society--obesity. They share rigorous research studies that isolate strategies that work, don't work, and why. They share insights into target audience mindsets and convince the reader (perhaps finally) that interventions must be tailored to the uniqueness of a target audience. And, they share solutions that go beyond communications, ones that involve a strategic integration of Promotions with the other major tools in the social marketer's toolbox: Product, Price, and Place." -- Nancy R. Lee, President, Social Marketing Services, Inc. and coauthor with Philip Kotler of seven books on Social Marketing

"As the public health community moves to treat food the way they treated tobacco, this book offers a refreshing and practical alternative to banning, taxing and blaming. Full of insights from behavioral science and social marketing, it demonstrates multiple ways we can help people develop a healthy lifestyle without treating them like children or victims." -- Bill Smith, Editor, Social Marketing Quarterly

"Any consumer centric focused company knows that people don't always do what they want to do. Like other innovative companies, we also know about the need to deliver compelling and targeted messages. This book provides action oriented and feasible solutions with a focus on obesity. The authors provide insights and research findings that are particularly valuable at this time, given the significant and meaningful changes facing all of us in the healthcare world." -- Bari A. Harlam, Senior Vice President, Marketing CVS Caremark

"This book brings together some of the best academics from consumer psychology and related fields to address obesity, a problem of enormous social importance. The result is a unique and insightful analysis that leverages perspectives, such as those regarding consumer decision making and social marketing that are all-too-often left out of policy discussions. This volume should be useful to academics who care about individual behavior or policy as well as to readers who simply want a fresh vantage point on one of the most basic human concerns, the role of food consumption in health outcomes." -- Mary Frances Luce, Professor of Business Administration and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University and Faculty, Health Sector Management

" Leveraging Consumer Psychology for Effective Health Communications takes a much needed look at obesity--importantly, why we make poor eating choices when we know they are not in our best interest. The chapters in this book brilliantly confront the decision-making biases we face, focusing on the power of social marketing to create innovative, realistic solutions to improve public health." -- Jordan Goldberg, Co-founder and CEO, stickK.com

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