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Leader-Managers in the Public Sector: Managing for Results
Authored by: Michael S. Dukakis; John Portz

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Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7656-2141-2 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7656-2142-9
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USD: $77.95 USD: $36.95
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Information: 224pp. Bibliography, index.
Publication Date: July 2010.  


Description: At a time of doubt and concern about government and its capacity to serve the public, this book highlights the skills and practices necessary for effective leader-managers in the public sector.

The authors begin by clarifying the differences between leadership and management. Then they draw on in-depth interviews with seven successful leader-managers in different policy fields and at different levels of the federal system to identify six critical skills and practices that are necessary for good leadership and good management in the public sector.

In the first part of the book the authors present these essential skills using extensive analysis of the interviews. The second part of the book provides the actual interview transcripts. Readers can start with a focus on the detailed presentation of the key skills and practices, and then turn to the transcripts to explore in more depth the experience of these successful leader managers.

Selected Contents:


1. Leading and Managing in the Public Sector: The Leader-Manager
2. Introducing Our Leader-Managers
3. Picking and Motivating Your People
4. Walking Around . . . Listening . . . Learning
5. Fostering Collaboration and Support
6. Building Effective Organizations
7. Communicating with the Public
8. Demonstrating Character and Integrity
9. Conclusion

Interview Transcripts
Kim Belshe -Secretary, California Health and Human Services Agency
John Catoe -General Manager, Washington Metro
Tom Payzant -Superintendent, Boston Public Schools
Federico Pea-Mayor , Denver, Colorado; Secretary, U.S. Dept. of Transportation
Mary Peters irector, Arizona Department of Transportation; Secretary, U.S. Department of Transportation
Jean Toal -Chief Justice, South Carolina Supreme Court
Bernard Trainor -Brigadier General, U.S. Marine Corps

About the Authors

Comment(s): "I've long resided on the management side of the leader-manager divide, constantly challenging my students to put forth a solid case for the value of a leadership-focused approach. What Dukakis and Portz have done is more than bridge the gap--they effectively make it disappear by showing how irrelevant that dichotomy is in the real world of public management (or it is leadership?). The authors also fill a 'textbook gap' in my public management course, providing both the raw 'data' (the interviews) and their well-informed and insightful analysis." -- Melvin J. Dubnick, University of New Hampshire

"This is a time in which managers are being called on the lead and those chosen as leaders must manage as well. This book knowingly argues that management and leadership exist on a continuum, and the authors offer practical lessons to guide the 'leader-manager.' The book also fills an important educational niche by providing important case studies of successful leader-managers, models for others." -- Robert and Janet Denhardt, Arizona State University, and authors of The Dance of Leadership

"Yes! Mike Dukakis and John Portz get it right. Public executives need to be both managers and leaders. They need to both select subordinates and motivate them. They have to build their own effective organizations, and they have to foster collaboration with others. Government--at all levels--requires the kind of executives that Dukakis and Portz call 'leader-managers.'" -- Robert D. Behn, Harvard University

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