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Latino History and Culture: An Encyclopedia
Edited by: David J. Leonard; Carmen R. Lugo-Lugo

E-book now available from EBSCO eBooks and GVRL.
Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7656-8083-9 Paper ISBN: Not Available
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USD: $229.00 N/A
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Available to all countries
Information: 712pp. Two volumes; topic finder; essays; illustrations; chronology; bibliographies.
Publication Date: October 2009.  


Description: Latinos are the fastest growing population in America today. This two-volume encyclopedia traces the history of Latinos in the United States from colonial times to the present, focusing on their impact on the nation in its historical development and current culture.

Latino History and Culture covers the myriad ethnic groups that make up the Latino population. It explores issues such as labor, legal and illegal immigration, traditional and immigrant culture, health, education, political activism, art, literature, and family, as well as historical events and developments. A-Z entries cover eras, individuals, organizations and institutions, critical events in U.S. history and the impact of the Latino population, communities and ethnic groups, and key cities and regions. Each entry includes cross references and bibliographic citations, and a comprehensive index and illustrations augment the text.

Selected Contents:

Topic Finder

History: 1492-1900
History: 1900-1965
History: 1965-Present

A-Z Entries

Acculturation and Assimilation; Acosta, Oscar; Acuna, Rodolfo; Afro-Latinos; Afro-Mexicans; AIDS/HIV; Alamo, Battle of the; Albizu Campos, Pedro; Algarin, Miguel; Alvarez, Julia; American GI Forum; Anaya, Rudolfo Alfonso; AnzaldĚa, Gloria; Arenas, Reinaldo; Argentines; ASPIRA; Aztl▀n

Baca, Judith F.; Balseros; Baseball; Basketball; Bay of Pigs Invasion; Bear Flag Revolt; Bilingualism; Blair House Attack; Blowouts; Bolivians; Boricua; Boxing; Bracero Program; Brazilians; Brothers to the Rescue; Brown Berets

Carnalismo; Castellanos, Rosario; Castillo, Ana; Castro, Fidel; Central American Resource Center; Ch▀vez, CTsar; Ch▀vez Ravine; Chicago; Chicanisma ; Chicanismo; Chicano/a; Chicano Art; Chicano Movement; Chicano Studies; Chileans ; Cholos; Cinco de Mayo; Circular Migration; Cisneros, Henry; Cisneros, Sandra; Clemente, Roberto; Cofer, Judith Ortiz; Colombians; Communist Party; Community Service Organization; Congressional Hispanic Caucus; Conquest of the Americas; Consumerism; Corona, Bert; Corridos; Costa Ricans; Coyotes; Cruz, Celia; Crystal City, Texas; Cuban Adjustment Acts (1966, 1996); Cuban American National Foundation; Cuban Refugee Center; Cuban Refugee Program; Cubans; Culture Clash

De La Hoya, Oscar; Del Rio Independent School District v. Salvatierra (1930); Dia de la Raza; Dia de los Muertos; Dominican Day Parade; Dominicans

East L.A. Thirteen; East Los Angeles; Ecuadorians; Education; Escalante, Jaime; Estefan, Gloria

Family and Community; Farah Strike; Farmingville, New York; Feminism; Ferrer, JosT; Film; Flores Mag=n, Ricardo; Foods and Beverages; Foraker Act (1900); Foreign Miners' Tax; Fuerzas Armadas de Liberacion Nacional (FALN)

Galarza, Ernesto; Gamio, Manuel; Gangs; Garcia, Cristina; Garcfa, HTctor P.; Gay and Lesbian Organizations; Gonzales, Rodolfo "Corky"; Gonz▀lez, Eli▀n; Gonzalez, Henry Barbosa; Gonzalez, Jose-Luis; Graffiti; Grape Strikes and Boycotts; "Greaser Act" (1855); Gringo; Grito, El; Guagua ATrea; Guatemalans; Guevara, Ernesto "Che"; GutiTrrez, JosT Angel

Health and Health Care; Hijuelos, Oscar; Hip-Hop; Hispanic Heritage Month; Hondurans ; Housing and Living Conditions; Huerta, Dolores

Identity and Labels; Illegal Immigration ; Immigration Act of 1924; Immigration Act of 1990; Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965; Immigration Enforcement; Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986; Indigenismo; Internal Colony

Jones Act (1917); Justice for Janitors

Kahlo, Frida; Kennedy, Robert F.; King, Martin Luther, Jr.

La Raza; La Raza Unida Party; Latinidad/Latinaje; Latinization; Latino/a; Latino Studies; League of United Latin American Citizens; Lemon Grove Incident; Lesbianas Unidas; Levins Morales, Aurora; LLEGO; Lopez, Jennifer; Los Angeles ; Lowriders

Macheteros, Los; Machismo; Malinche, La; Manifest Destiny; Marianismo; Mariel Boatlift; Marielitos; McCarran-Walter Act (1952); Medrano v. Allee (1972); Mendez v. Westminster School District (1946); Mestizo/a; Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund; Mexican-American Movement; Mexican American Political Association; Mexican American Student Association; Mexican American Women's National Association; Mexican American Youth Organization; Mexican-American War; Mexicans; Miami; Migrant Workers; Military, Latinos in the; Miscegenation; Moraga, Cherrfe; Morales, Iris; Moreno, Rita; Mothers of East L.A.; Movimiento Estudiantfl Chicano de Aztl▀n; Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social; Mulataje; Mulatto/a; Mu▒oz Marfn, Luis; Mu▒oz Rivera, Luis; Mural Art; Murrieta, Joaqufn; Museo del Barrio, El; Music

Narv▀ez, P▀nfilo de; National Agricultural Workers Union; National Association of Cuban-American Women; National Boricua Latino Health Organization; National Chicano Moratorium; National Conference of Puerto Rican Women; National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights; National Council of Hispanic Women; National Council of La Raza; National Farm Labor Union; National Puerto Rican Coalition; Nationalism; New York; Nicaraguans; Norte, El (1983); North American Free Trade Agreement; Novello, Antonia; Nuyorican; Nuyorican Poets CafT

Operation Bootstrap; Operation Wetback; Opini=n, La

Pachuco; Padilla, JosT; Panamanians; Paraguayans; Pe▒a, Albert A., Jr.; PTrez, Emma; Performance Art, Solo; Peruvians; Plan de Santa Barbara, El; Plan Espiritual de Aztl▀n, El; Platt Amendment (1901); Politics; Popular Culture; Poverty; Poverty, Culture of; Prinze, Freddie; Prison Gangs; Prison Industrial Complex; Proposition 187 (1994); Proposition 209 (1996); Proposition 227 (1998); Puente, Tito; Puerto Rican Day Parade; Puerto Rican Literature; Puerto Rican Revolutionary Workers Organization; Puerto Rican Studies ; Puerto Ricans


Race; Religion; Repatriation; Resident Commissioner, Puerto Rico; Rodrfguez de Tfo, Lola; Rodriguez, Alex; Rodrfguez, Luis J.; Rodriguez, Richard; Roybal, Edward R.; Ruiz de Burton, Marfa Amparo

Salazar, RubTn; Salvadorans; Samora, Julian; Santiago, Esmeralda; Selena; Serra, Junfpero; Sleepy Lagoon Case; Soccer; Sosa, Sammy; Sotomayor, Sonia; Southwest Voter Registration and Education Project; Spanglish; Spanish Language; Spanish-American War; Spirituality; Sterilization

Taos Rebellion; Teatro Campesino, El; Tejanos; Telemundo; Television; Telles, Raymond; Tenayuca, Emma B.; Tex-Mex; Third World Liberation Front; Thom▀s, Piri; Tijerina, Reies L=pez; Tracking; Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (1848); Trevino, Lee

Unions, Industrial and Trade; United Farm Workers of America; Univision; Uruguayans

Valdez, Luis; Valenzuela, Fernando; Venezuelans; Vieques, Puerto Rico; Vietnam War; Villaraigosa, Antonio; Viva Kennedy Clubs

West Side Story (1957, 1961); Women; Wrestling, Professional

Yo Soy Joaqufn ; Young Lords

Zapatistas; Zoot Suit Riots


Review(s): "Three introductory essays and nearly 300 A-to-Z entries, along with supplementary research materails and recommended readings, challenge readers to explore the full diversity of America's Latino community. ...About 100 photographs, a detailed time line of events, 'Further Readings' lists, and bibliographies direct students to authoritative publications and resources to help promote a transformation in educational curricula across the country. This important resource is suited to middle school and high school students, but is also appropriate for more specialized audiences--college students, graduate students, academics, and librarians--interested in the history and culture of Latinos and Latinas in the United States. Recommended to anyone seeking a balanced view of U.S. history." -- Library Journal

"This set fills the need for a current, comprehensive work that both addresses the role of Latinos in U.S. history and culture and seeks to rectify the imbalanced treatment of Latinos in most American-history textbooks. By presenting germane facts on notable events, people, groups, and movements in a lucid, well-organized arrangement, the editors have provided an impressive resource. ... This set will surely be of assistance to students conducting cultural research projects as well as to general readers." -- School Library Journal

"The signed articles range from one to four pages and are well-written and appropriate for high-school students and up. Latino History and Culture fills a gap because it is expressly designed to be accessible to secondary students and public library patrons as well as to college students and researchers. Recommended for high-school, public, and college libraries." -- Booklist

"...will serve as an excellent inexpensive alternative for school and public libaries." -- John R.M. Lawrence, Gale Reference Reviews

"...offers a broad perspective and understanding of the contributions of Latinos/Latinas in US history and culture. The alphabetical arrangement of these articles, along with isee alsor references, provides easy access to known items; a comprehensive index (which includes illustrations and tables) facilitates deeper investigation. Recommended. Lower-level undergraduates, high school students, and general readers." -- Choice

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