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Is China Unstable?: Assessing the Factors
Edited by: David Shambaugh

Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7656-0572-6 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7656-0573-3
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USD: $73.95 USD: $31.95
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Available to all countries
Information: 192pp. Map, Table. index.
Publication Date: February 2000.  


Description: This concise and timely book focuses on the potential for instability in China from political, economic, and historical perspectives. It considers elite and local politics, micro- and macro-economics, urban and rural conditions, attitudes among intellectuals, and minority areas. The book's high profile contributors include Thomas Bernstein, Pieter Bottelier, Bruce Dickson, June Dryer, Merle Goldman, Steven Jackson, Nicholas Lardy, H.Lyman Miller, David Shambaugh, and Dorothy Solinger.

Selected Contents:

1. Introduction: A Typology for Stability and Instability In China Appendix:Stability Typology teven F. Jackson
2. How Do We Know If China Is Unstable? H. Lyman Miller
3. The Chinese Leadership: Cracks in the Fatade?, David Shambaugh
4. Political Instability at the Middle and Lower Levels: Signs of a Decaying CCP, Corruption, and Political Dissent, Bruce J. Dickson
5. Sources of Macroeconomic Instability in China, Nicholas R. Lardy
6. How Stable is China? An Economic Perspective, Pieter Bottelier
7. The Potential for Urban Unrest or Will the Fencers Stay on the Piste?, Dorothy J. Solinger
8. Instability in Rural China, Thomas P. Bernstein
9. The Potential for Instability Among Alienated Intellectuals and Students in Post-Mao China, Merle Goldman
10. The Potential for Instability in Minority Regions, June Teufel Dreyer
11. Chinese Social Trends: Stability or Chaos, Martin King Whyte

Review(s): "One of the major strengths of this book is its balance. ... a concise and timely examination of the many challenges faced by the Chinese leadership as it attempts to complete the transition from revolution to governance to modernization. ... should be very valuable for students of modern China inside the government and in the classroom." -- The Journal of Asian Studies

"This action-packed paperback should find a place on course syllabi throughout the profession. All of the selections are admirably free of jargon and the authors ask the questions that students, policymakers and journalists want answered." -- The China Journal

"...a worthy discussion on the future of China from political, economic,and historical perspectives." -- H-Net Reviews

"...a worthy discussion on the future of China from political, economic, and historical perspectives." -- H-Net Reviews

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