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International Management: Insights From Fiction and Practice
Edited by: Sheila M. Puffer

Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7656-0970-0 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7656-0971-7
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USD: $104.95 USD: $49.95
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Paperback not available in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.
Information: 320pp. Tables, figures.
Publication Date: June 2004.  


Description: This unique pairing of business articles and fictional short stories is a refreshing way to explore topics covered in International Management and Business courses. The business articles provide practical guidelines and concrete examples, while the stories convey cultural subtleties and shades of meaning that cannot be transmitted as richly in a straightforward business article. Like traditional case studies, the stories provide specific situations for discussion and analysis of management concepts.

Selections by authors from around the world represent a variety of countries and business situations, as well as humorous and serious topics, and provide cultural and managerial insights from an insider's perspective. The book is organized into four major sections reflecting specific aspects of managing in cross-cultural and international contexts. Each section begins with an overview describing its contents and purpose, followed by subsections of short stories on international management topics, and concludes with related management readings. Developing cultural sensitivity and global managerial skills is an ongoing process, and this book can facilitate the efforts of both students and professionals.

Selected Contents:

Foreword, Dane Bedward
Part I. Phases of Cross-Cultural Experience
Section 1. Cultural and Communication Challenges
1.1 Name Six Famous Belgians, David R. Slavitt (Italy, U.S.)
1.2 American Dreams, Peter Carey (Australia, U.S.)
1.3 English as a Second Language, Lucy Honig (U.S., Guatemala)
1.4 The Awful German Language, Mark Twain (Germany)
Section 2. Settling into New Surroundings
2.1 Saree of the Gods, G.S. Sharat Chandra (India)
2.2 How to Be an Expatriate, Peter Ho Davies (UK, U.S.)
Section 3. Coming Home
3.1 Yard Sale, Paul Theroux (Samoa, U.S.)
3.2 Letter From Gaza, Ghassan Kanafani (Gaza, U.S.)
Section 4. Managerial Insights
4.1 Beyond Sophisticated Stereotyping: Cultural Sense Making in Context, Joyce S. Osland and Allan Bird
4.2 "Englishes" in Cross-Cultural Business Communication, Naoki Kameda
4.3 When Managing Expatriate Adjustment, Don't Forget the Spouse, Talya N. Bauer and Sully Taylor
4.4 Adapting to a Boundaryless World: A Developmental Expatriate Model, Juan I. Sanchez, Paul E. Spector, and Cary L. Cooper
Part II. Values and Ethics
Section 5. The Meaning of Work and Personal Values
5.1 Rich Men Tend to Be Strange, Ivan Klima (Former Czechoslovakia)
5.2 The Retirement Party, Natalia Baranskaya (Russia)
Section 6. Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
6.1 In Los Angeles, Saburo Shiroyama (U.S., Japan)
6.2 Payback: Dirty for Dirty, Patricio F. Vargas (U.S., Mexico)
6.3 A Taste of Success, Mona Ragab (Egypt)
Section 7. Managerial Insights
7.1 Navigating the Hostile Maze: A Framework for Russian Entrepreneurship, Sheila M. Puffer and Daniel J. McCarthy
7.2 Settling Cross-Cultural Disagreements Begins with "Where" Not "How," Susan M. Adams
7.3 Japanese and American Negotiators: Overcoming Cultural Barriers to Understanding, Richard Menger
7.4 Responsibility: The New Business Imperative, Sandra A. Waddock, Charles Bodwell, and Samuel B. Graves
Part III. Power and Group Dynamics
Section 8. Power and Authority
8.1 Welcoming the Board of Directors, Peter Handke (Austria)
8.2 Government by Magic Spell, Saida Hagi-Dirie Herzi (Somalia)
8.3 The Mullah With No Legs, Ari Siletz (Iran)
8.4 One of These Days, Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Latin America)
8.5 The Explosion in the Parlor, Bai Xiao-Yi (China)
Section 9. Individuals and Groups
9.1 In the Footsteps of a Water Buffalo, Nhat Tien (Vietnam)
9.2 Action Will Be Taken: An Action-Packed Story, Heinrich B"oll (Germany)
9.3 Ode to Joy, Marta Kadle*cikova (Czech Republic)
Section 10. Managerial Insights
10.1 Leadership Made in Germany: Low on Compassion, High on Performance, Felix Brodbeck, Michael Frese, and Mansour Javidan
10.2 Working in a Vietnamese Voice, Lady Borton
10.3 Building Competitive Advantage from Ubuntu : Management Lessons from South Africa, Mzamo P. Mangaliso
10.4 Matching Management Practices to National Culture in India, Mexico, Poland, and the U.S., Marc C. Marchese
Part IV. Doing Business Together
Section 11. The Multicultural Workplace
11.1 Immigration Blues, Bienvenido Santos (U.S., Philippines)
11.2 Se=nor Payroll, William E. Barrett (U.S., Mexico)
11.3 No One To Yell At, Ilyas Halia (Canada, Turkey)
Section 12. Customer Service
12.1 A New Customer, Viktor Slavkin (Russia)
12.2 A Brief History of Capitalism, Moacyr Scliar (Brazil)
Section 13. Teams and Alliances
13.1 Mister Taylor, Augusto Monterroso (U.S., Brazil)
13.2 The Zulu and the Zeide, Dan Jacobson (South Africa)
13.3 Only Approved Indians Can Play: Made in USA, Jack Forbes (U.S.)
Section 14. Managerial Insights
14.1 Foreign Knowledge Workers as a Strategic Staffing Option, Lawrence A. West, Jr., and Walter A. Bogumil, Jr.
14.2 Four Seasons Goes to Paris, Roger Hallowell, David Bowen, and Carin-Isabel Knoop
14.3 Keys to Effective Virtual Global Teams, Elizabeth Kelley
14.4 Cultivating A Global Mindset, Anil K. Gupta and Vijay Govindarajan

Comment(s): "Literature brings the magic; managerial practice brings the pragmatics. Sheila Puffer's new book, International Management: Insights from Fiction and Practice, blends the two and creates pragmatic magic. Terrific stuff for both students and practitioners." -- Nancy Adler, McGill University

"This book is not only fun reading, but extremely informative as well. Its short story approach, in the voice of international authors, gives students a perspective from inside other cultures, rather than as descriptions by outsiders." -- David Ralston, Price Chair in International Business, University of Oklahoma

"The highly talented researcher, writer, and editor Sheila Puffer has done it again. She has creatively combined business articles with highly relevant short stories to provide the student with an unprecedented deep dive into the murky waters of cross-cultural management. This unique collection is not only fun to read but also gives insights into cultural nuances that are the next best things to actually experiencing them. Well done!" -- Fred Luthans, George Holmes Distinguished Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Review(s): "The book will be welcomed by students in a variety of programs and courses focusing on cross-cultural issues and international management." -- Educational Book Review

"This compilation will be extremely useful to international management students focusing on cross-cultural issues. It can be used at the advanced undergraduate, MBA, or executive education levels. Highly recommended. Upper-division undergraduate through professional collections." -- Choice, Vol.42 No.05

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