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Innovations in Human Resource Management: Getting the Public's Work Done in the 21st Century
Edited by: Hannah S. Sistare; Myra Howze Shiplett; Terry F. Buss

Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7656-2314-0 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7656-2315-7
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USD: $104.95 USD: $53.95
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Available in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka through PHI.
Information: 352pp. Tables, figures, bibliographic references, index.
Publication Date: November 2008.  


Description: Human resource management is experiencing profound change, new challenges, exciting accomplishments, and much uncertainity. The public service has moved away from the old days of "personnel management" concerned mostly with processing "personal action" paperwork, to a system where public employees are managed as human capital to get the work of the government done more effectively and efficiently.

This volume brings together the latest thinking on human resource management in the public service, presented by distinguished thought leaders in the field. While it focuses primarily on federal government policies and practices, the principles, conclusions, and recommendations translate readily to state and local government, and to the private sector as well.

Selected Contents:

Paul A. Volcker
Preface and Acknowledgments
Terry F. Buss

1.An Overview
Myra Howze Shiplett

Part 1. The Challenge Ahead

2. Human Capital: Federal Workforce Challenges in the 21st Century
J. Christopher Mihm

Part 2. Understanding the 21st Century Multisector Workforce

3. Challenges and Effective Practices in Managing the Multisector Workforce
Alethea Long-Green
4. Multisector Workforce Lessons Learned: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Laurie May
5. Getting the Best from "Most Efficient Organizations"
Bruce McDowell
6. Building Surge Capacity in the Disaster Workforce: Improving SBA's Response to Mega-Disasters in the Future
Terry F. Buss and Joseph Thompson

Part 3. Transforming Organizational Culture

7. The U.S. Government Accountability Office: A Case Study in Human Capital Reform
David M. Walker
8. Strategic Human Capital Management in Federal Government: Principles, Strategies, and the Case of NASA
Elwood F. Holton III, Sean C. O'Keefe, Vicki A. Novak, and David M. Walker
9. Organizational Transformation: Strategic Succession Management and Leadership Development
Ruth T. Zaplin and Sydney Smith-Heimbrock
10. Four New Models of Networked Leadership Development
Kitty Wooley

Part 4. Innovation in Action

11. A New Look at Paybanding and Pay for Performance: The Views of Those Participating in Federal Demonstration Projects
James R. Thompson and Rob Seidner
12. Employee Retention and Engagement
Tim Rutledge
13. Building Relationships to Fix the Federal Talent Pipeline: An Innovative Approach in Chicago Provides a Model for Recruitment Success
Rob Seidner and James R. Thompson
14. Competencies for Success in International Leadership in Challenging Times
Daniel Spikes and John Stroup
15. An Agency-Level Look at Alternative Working Arrangements in Federal Government
Sharon H. Mastracci and James R. Thompson
16. Strategic Workforce Management: Innovation and Improvement at DTRA
Michael Simpson

Part 5. Managing the Management of People

17. A Certified Assessment of Human Resources Systems: An Innovative Pathway to Assurance
NAPA Fellows and Staff
18. Using Data-Driven Human Capital Decisions to Improve Basic Personnel Functions
Edward H. Stephenson Jr.
19. Succeeding as a Strategic Human Resources Partner: A Practical Approach
Tom Wimer

Part 6. Legislating Reform

20. Legislating Innovation in Human Capital Management: Lessons from the Department of Homeland Security
Douglas A. Brook and Cynthia L. King
21. The Human Capital "Crisis" in the Federal Government: A Modest Proposal
Alan P. Balutis

Part 7. Concluding Thoughts

22. The Path of Reform: Challenges and Opportunities
Hannah S. Sistare

About the Editors and Contributors

Comment(s): "Government's greatest strength lies in the intellectual acumen, dedication, and hard work of the public servants who staff its agencies and achieve its missions. Continued focus on recruiting and retaining a high-quality work force is essential in these perilous times, and the ideas in this book will contribute mightily to the task ahead." -- Timothy B. Clark, Editor in Chief, Government Executive

"Government's ability to effectively address our nation's financial, security and environmental challenges, to name a few, depends on its ability to recruit our most talented and give them the necessary support and leadership. For too long we have failed to do that well. This book outlines some innovative approaches towards improvement." -- Paul A. Volcker, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board and of the National Commission on the Public Service

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