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Hard Labor: Women and Work in the Post-Welfare Era
Edited by: Joel F. Handler; Lucie White

Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7656-0332-6 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7656-0333-3
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USD: $82.95 USD: $36.95
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Available to all countries
Information: 264pp. Tables, bibliographic references, index.
Publication Date: December 1998.  


Description: An in-depth view of the world of low-wage female workers in the United States. Written by expert authors actively involved in the field, this work provides--for the first time--a focused picture of the critical issues, along with realistic solutions in the struggle of working poor women.

The book covers a wide range of topics, including getting and keeping a job, struggling to balance the demands of work and family, health care, child care, and unemployment. It is set in the context of both welfare reform and the low-wage labor market and incorporates both self-employment and micro-business enterprise.

Selected Contents:

1. Low-Wage Work ``As We Know It'': What's Wrong/What Can Be Done, Joel F. Handler
2. Welfare Restructuring and Working Poor Family Policy: The New Context, Mark Greenberg
3. Barriers to Finding and Maintaining Jobs: The Perspective of Workers and Employers in the Low-Wage Labor Market, Julia R. Henly
4. Self-Employment: Possibilities and Problems, Susan R. Jones
5. Shaping Regional Economies to Sustain Quality Work: The Cooperative Health Care Federation, Peter Pitegoff
6. Quality Child Care for Low-income Families: Despair, Impasse, Improvisation, Lucie White
7. The Health Care Puzzle: Creating Coverage for Low-Wage Workers and Their Families, Louise G.Trubek
8. Unemployment Insurance and Low Wage Work, Lucy Williams
9. Community-Based, Employment-Related Services, Yeheskel Hasenfeld and Joel F.Handler
10. The Perils of Advocacy: Listening, Labeling Appropriating, Kathleen Sullivan
11. Afterword: What's the Globe Got to Do with It? Fran Ansley

Review(s): "The volume's strength is in its discussion of the many difficult issues that must be addressed in moving mothers from "welfare to work."" -- Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Cornell University

"This collection of essays ranges widely but is tightly controlled and argued. The authors offer a critique of the assumptions of welfare to work policies, the damage caused to poor families by reducing state support, and the limited evidence about the 'success' of welfare to work policies measured in falling welfare rolls. But they also share a determination to find new solutions. This is an innovative book about innovative projects." -- Cambridge University Press- Work, Employment & Society

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