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Handbook of Workplace Spirituality and Organizational Performance, Second Edition
Edited by: Robert A. Giacalone; Carole L. Jurkiewicz

Cloth ISBN: Not Available Paper ISBN: 978-0-7656-2411-6
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Information: 376pp. Tables, figures, bibliographic references, index.
Publication Date: June 2010.  


Description: Extensively revised and updated, and including three new chapters that extend and deepen the coverage, this popular handbook provides the most comprehensive, research-based, and action oriented approach to spirituality in organizational life. It articulates a new path to successful organizational performance by bringing together the work of leading scholars who connect spirituality to mainstream organizational research.

Handbook of Workplace Spirituality and Organizational Performance:

--Provides managers, scholars, and students with a detailed understanding of the practice of spirituality in the workplace, and how it contributes to individual and organizational performance.
--Offers a paradigm for interdisciplinary spirituality research, theory, and concept application in organizational settings.
--Links the divergent, interdisciplinary perspectives on spirituality into a cohesive whole.
--Provides a framework for scholars and practitioners seeking to transition research and practice from traditional organizational models toward the inclusion of spirituality.
--Offers a critical evaluation and definition of concepts and applications of spirituality in the workplace.
--Provides a diagnostic of the potential problems and expected outcomes of workplace spirituality applications.
--Integrates philosophical and pragmatic aspects of spirituality into a coherent approach to management and administration in the private, public, and non-profit centers.

Selected Contents:

Foreword to the Second Edition Andre L. Delbecq
Foreword to the First Edition Barry Z. Posner


1. The Science of Workplace Spirituality Robert A. Giacalone and Carole L. Jurkiewicz
2. Business and the Spirit: Management Practices That Sustain Values Jeffrey Pfeffer
3. Institutionalized Spirituality: An Oxymoron? Blake E. Ashforth and Michael G. Pratt
4. The Experience of Work: Spirituality and the New Workplace Gordon E. Dehler and M. Ann Welsh
5. Spiritual Well-Being, Spiritual Intelligence, and Healthy Workplace Policy Raymond F. Paloutzian, Robert A. Emmons, and Susan G. Keortge
6. Spirituality and Ethics in Crisis Carole L. Jurkiewicz
7. Ethical Climates and Spirituality: An Exploratory Examination of Theoretical Links K. Praveen Parboteeah and John B. Cullen
8. Spirituality, Consumption, and Business: A Pragmatic Perspective Rogene A. Buchholz and Sandra B. Rosenthal
9. Political Skill, Servant Leadership, and Workplace Spirituality in the Creation of Effective Work Environments Michael G. Bowen, Gerald R. Ferris, and Robert W. Kolodinsky
10. Organizational Citizenship Behavior and the Spiritual Employee Bennett J. Tepper


11. Reconciling Professional and Personal Value Systems: The Spiritually Motivated Manager as Organizational Entrepreneur Andrew J. Hoffman
12. Coming to Terms with Spirituality and Religion in the Workplace Peter C. Hill and Gary S. Smith
13. Drawing the Line: Religion and Spirituality in the Workplace Richard D. White Jr.
14. Ethics at Work: Money, Spirituality, and Happiness Adrian Furnham
15. Spiritual Wellness in the Workplace R. Elliott Ingersoll
16. The Multiple Roles of Spirituality in Occupational Stress and Well-Being Kelly L. Zellars, Pamela L. Perrew, and Jeremy R. Brees
17. Hope in the Workplace Virgil H. Adams III, C.R. Snyder, Kevin L. Rand, Elisa A. O'Donnell, David R. Sigmon, and Kim M. Pulvers


18. Culture and Consciousness: Measuring Spirituality in the Workplace by Mapping Values Richard Barrett
19. Spirituality and End-of-Life Care Jonathan P. West and Colleen M. West
20. Spirituality of Work in Nonprofit Organizations Jennifer Alexander
21. The Spirituality in Crisis and Disaster Management: The Case of Hurricane Katrina Beverly A. Cigler
22. Illuminating the Invisible: IT and Self-Discovery in the Workplace Kieran Mathieson and Cynthia E. Miree

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Comment(s): "The updated and revised edition of the Handbook of Workplace Spirituality and Organizational Performance provides a timely and rigorous approach to understanding of spirituality and work. The book's overarching framework clearly delineates how spirituality differs from religiosity, and the chapters shed clear insight into the scholarly rationale for approaching workplace spirituality as a discipline." -- Sandra Waddock, Boston College

"This volume brings rigor and clarity to a concept that is often dismissed as beyond the scope of science--namely, spirituality--and it brings meaning and profound insight to terms that are usually void of any connection to spirituality. The handbook provides the core foundation for spirituality in the workplace and its connection to organizational effectiveness. It is a volume that should be on the shelf of every organizational scholar and spiritual practitioner." -- Kim Cameron, University of Michigan

"The publication of this Second Edition of the Handbook of Workplace Spirituality and Organizational Performance is a testament to the growing importance of the topic of workplace spirituality. Drs. Giacalone and Jurkiewicz have edited a collection of theoretical and practical contributions that provides a welcome addition to any teacher's and scholar's collection on the subject." -- Jerry Biberman, University of Scranton

"Thorough, comprehensive and ground-breaking. The new edition of the Handbook of Workplace Spirituality and Organizational Performance is a must-have for your personal library. With a wide range of engaging topics addressed in chapters by many leading authors, this volume will help you better understand where we've been and where we are going in the domain of Spirituality at Work." -- Charles C. Manz, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

"Giacalone and Jurkiewicz have assembled an impressive collection of prominent scholars to contribute to the Handbook of Workplace Spirituality and Organizational Performance. Along with updated contributions to the first edition, the second edition provides new insights into the integration of spirituality with topics such as hope, ethics, and crisis management. As the first edition was a springboard for research integrating spirituality and the workplace, I expect that the second edition will be a catalyst for research of even greater depth and rigor in this important field." -- J. B. (Ben) Arbaugh, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

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