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Global Business Citizenship: A Transformative Framework for Ethics and Sustainable Capitalism
Authored by: Donna J. Wood; Jeanne M. Logsdon; Patsy G. Lewellyn; Kim Davenport

Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7656-1626-5 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7656-1627-2
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USD: $103.95 USD: $45.95
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Available in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka through Reference Press.
Information: 272pp. Tables, figures, bibliographic references, index.
Publication Date: March 2006.  


Description: This practical and engaging book provides a coherent approach to global business responsibility and ethics based on the latest research, theory, and practice. The authors incorporate numerous interesting and current real world examples to support the argument that corporations need to--and can--identify and implement processes that foster ethical conduct, ensure basic human rights, protect the natural environment, and enhance social justice wherever businesses operate around the globe.

Global Business Citizenship combines elements of political theory, stakeholder relationships, business ethics, corporate social performance, accountability and measurement, and organizational change. Its practical approach encompasses "best practices" in stakeholder managment, experiments in applying corporate values to local conditions, and social environmental auditing and reporting. Focusing on the strategic alignment and change management process for implementing business citizenship principles and practices, it is an essential supplement for any course concerned with ethics and social responsibility in today's global business climate.

Selected Contents:


1. An Invitation to Global Business Citizenship
Linking Ethics to Business Practice
Globalization and the New Pressures on Managers
Countervailing Forces
The Promise of Global Business Citizenship
2. What's Wrong with the Status Quo?
Systems Are More Complex and Turbulent
Firms Face More Threats . . . and Opportunities
Managers Are Caught in a Vise
Capitalism Itself Is Threatened
The Promise of Global Business Citizenship
3. The Lens of Global Business Citizenship
The Concept of Citizenship
Making the Leap from Individual to Business Citizenship
Three Approaches to Citizenship
Comparing Views of Citizenship
The Process of Global Business Citizenship
Guidelines for Implementing GBC
4. Principles, Codes, and Policies: The Guidance System for Global Business Citizenship
Organizational Guidance Systems
GBC Requires a Small Set of Comprehensive Universal Principles
Universal Principles and Ethical Relativism
What Are "Universal" Principles?
Codes of Conduct: What's Covered?
Codes of Conduct: Temptations and Dilemmas
What Does a GBC Code Look Like?
Designing for Buy-In
The Biggest Mistakes in Codes of Conduct
5. The Principle of Accountability and Processes of Stakeholder Engagement
Accountability: An Overview
Stakeholder Engagement
Which Stakeholders Need to Be Engaged?
How and Where Do We Engage Our Stakeholders?
Basic Approaches to Stakeholder Engagement
More Complex Approaches to Stakeholder Engagement
Stakeholder Engagement for Large-Scale Social Problem-Solving
Making Stakeholder Engagement Work
6. Cases in Implementing GBC Stakeholder Engagement
Implementing Stakeholder Engagement
Employee Stakeholder Engagement: Calcados Azaleia S/A, Brazil
Supplier Engagement: Hewlitt-Packard
Local Community Engagement: Holcim and Union Cement
Public-Private Partnerships: Volvo and Goteborg
Multi-Sector Collaboration: Vietnam Footwear Industry
Collaborating on the Hardest Stuff: AngloGold Ashanti and Danfoss Group
Stakeholders Matter
Conclusion: Implementing Can Be Fun
7. Building the Citizen Company: The Principles of Organizational Change (Nice Theory, But Will It Work?)
Definitions, Levels, Principles
How Does Change Occur? The CHANGE Model
Why Do Some Change Efforts Fail?
8. Organizational Change the GBC Way: Cases in Implementation
What's Different About GBC Implementation?
What Makes a Problem Easier or Harder?
Merging the GBC Process and the Change Process:
  Examples from Global Compact Cases
9. The Practice of Accountability: GBC Measurement and Reporting
GBC Reporting Goes Further
Reporting Then: An Historical Perspective
Reporting Now: A Current Perspective
Accountability Tools: An Internal Focus
Accountability Tools: An External Focus
Challenges of Accountability Reporting
Conclusion: Memo to Global Business Citizens
10. Cases in Implementing Stakeholder Accountability
Implementing Stakeholder Accountability
Compliance and Local Adaptation: Beauty Essential Co., Ltd.
Compliance, Conflicts, and Tool Development: Royal Dutch Shell
Experiment in Monitoring and Transparency: The Gap
Interface, Inc.'s Sustainability Reporting
Conclusion: Accountability Processes
11. System-Level Learning and the Payoff in Reputation
Knowledge Management and GBC Learning
System-Level Learning
How Does a GBC Company Learn?
What's the Link from Accountability and Stakeholder Engagement to Learning?
Benchmarking: How GBC Firms Learn to Learn
Reputation, Image, and Identity the GBC Way
12. The Promise of Global Business Citizenship
GBC for Managers and Their Companies: Themes Revisited
GBC Payoffs: Why Global Business Citizenship Makes a Difference
The Old Rules No Longer Work
Is It Too Late to Self-Regulate?
Power Imbalances and the Need for Self-Regulation
Problems to Watch Out For
In the End, a New Beginning

About the Authors

Comment(s): "In a time when decent managers are ever more puzzled by the meaning and substance of global business ethics, this timely book provides everything they need to know to understand why and how they should take it seriously. Clearly reformist in spirit -- who would dare defend the status quo today? -- this book is never moralizing, and this is one of its stronger points. The authors' style is crisp and alert, with plenty of examples, cases, and breathing space. We now have an entirely original book that tells the whole story from beginning to end on the management of global business ethics, and a wholly readable one." -- Jean Pasquero, University of Quebec at Montreal

"This book provides a much-needed conceptual and practical approach to the notion of global business citizenship, an important idea whose time has come. By blending theory and case studies, the authors examine comprehensively the problems and prospects for GBC to emerge as a dominant paradigm for managers and students alike to both understand and operationalize the role of the transnational corporation in the global political economy of the twenty-first century." -- Edwin M. Epstein, University of California, Berkeley

"The language dominating business education as we know it today is devoid of references to basic human elements like emotions, personal belief systems, trustworthiness, and moral accountability, just to name a few. This book provides a unique opportunity to explore critically what responsible leadership and global business citizenship is all about, and how this new way of thinking can be applied in practice with cultural sensitivity." -- Heidi von Weltzien Hoivik, Norwegian School of Management; President, European Business Ethics Network

"This book explores challenges and provides solutions to key ethical dilemmas faced by global leaders in today's corporations. Reading it is time well spent." -- Vincent Shepherd, Executive Director, Human Resources, Accenture

"This book is very timely and a 'must read' for corporate America in the post Enron and WorldCom environment." -- Gary D. Forsee, President and CEO, Sprint Nextel

"At last! The book that finally explains what 'global citizenship' means for business. Recently, this term has been used and abused by countless consultants, academics, and managers. But when some of the most respected theorists in the area of business and society put it in relief, it's time to listen." -- Thomas Donaldson, The Wharton School

"All companies are facing a more competitive, rapidly changing and increasingly global business environment. In the midst of that sea change, our ethical moorings need to hold firm. This book offers an analytical yet practical framework for thinking about this critical topic and for putting it into action." -- Michael T. Whealy, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, First Data Corporation

Review(s): "...a clear, concise, and compelling case for global business citizenship. ... This book offers practical, thought-provoking guidance on meeting the ethical challenges of managing global business. ... GLobal Business Citizenship is readable and user friendly. ...A profoundly persuasive and compelling case for ethics and sustainable capitalism. Global Business Citizenship represents a classical contribution to ethical studies related to globalization." -- Academy of Management Learning & Education

"[The authors] carefully present an original book telling the whole story from the beginning to end on management of global business ethics and sustainable development. ... This book has obvious gained benefits from a combined knowledge of the four authors, providing readers with both theoretical argument and practical solutions. Various theoretical models are clearly presented with well-organized supporting evidence. This book is useful, timely and easily-read addition to an area that is rightly receiving increasing attention on the global business ethics, where theoretical-rooted advice and practical guidance are needed." -- Journal of Management Development

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