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Forging Environmentalism: Justice, Livelihood, and Contested Environments
Edited by: Joanne Bauer

For more information about this title, including chapter summaries, additional resources, and related links, visit the Carnegie Council's companion site http://www.carnegiecouncil.org/forgingenvironmentalism
Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7656-1535-0 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7656-1536-7
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USD: $103.95 USD: $47.95
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Information: 448pp. Maps, index.
Publication Date: May 2006.  


Description: Drawing on an unusually rich empirical base, this timely and compelling book examines how environmental values are constructed and legitimized within the policy process. It trains the spotlight on four environmentally significant countries--China, Japan, India, and the United States--representing a wide diversity of cultural, social, economic, and political characteristics. Through a combination of case studies and comparative analysis, the contributors illuminate the cultural assumptions, standards, and analytic techniques that shape environmental actions and policies around the world.

Forging Environmentalism provides valuable direction regarding what can be done to secure public support for and trust in environmental policies. Incorporating expert legal, economic, philosophical, sociological, and political perspectives, it points the way toward the possibilities for a convergence of environmental norms and values across diverse cultures.

Selected Contents:

Editor's Note

Introduction, Joanne Bauer


1. China: A Foreword, Judith Shapiro
The Politics and Ethics of Going Green in China: Air Pollution Control in Benxi City and Wetland Preservation in the Sanjiang Plain, Liu Yu, Pan Wei, Shen Mingming, Song Guojun, Vivian Bertrand, Mary Child, and Judith Shapiro

2. Japan: A Foreword, Jeffrey Broadbent
From Kogai to Kankyo Mondai : Nature, Development, and Social Conflict in Japan, Kada Yukiko, Aoyagi-Usui Midori, Arakaki Tazusa, Watanabe Shinichi, and Steven Hoffman

3. India: A Foreword, Paul Greenough
Rethinking Indian Environmentalism: Industrial Pollution in Delhi and Fisheries in Kerala, Amita Baviskar, Subir Sinha, and Kavita Philip

4. The United States: A Foreword, Keith Kloor
Two Faces of American Environmentalism: The Quest for Justice in Southern Louisiana and Sustainability in the Sonoran Desert, David Jenkins, Joanne Bauer, Scott Bruton, Diane Austin, and Thomas McGuire


5. The Value of Legality in Environmental Action, Sheila Jasanoff
6. Environmental Transformations and the Values of Modernity, Arun Agrawal
7. Evaluating Environmental Justice Claims, Robert Melchior Figueroa
8. Framing Shared Values: Reason and Trust in Environmental Governance, Clark A. Miller

9. How Shall We Study Values Environmental Values? Joanne Bauer and Anna Ray Davies


Comment(s): " Forging Environmentalism is an outstanding addition to the literature on environmental policymaking. The volume explores the decision making process in four countries -- Japan, China, India, and the United States -- through a set of rich case studies, each of which underscores the importance of culture in shaping understandings and approaches to environmental policy. Editor Joanne Bauer does a masterful job of weaving together these individual cases into a seamless story that makes the book valuable for specialist and student alike." -- Elizabeth C. Economy, Director, Asia Studies and Senior Fellow for China, Council on Foreign Relations

"Joanne Bauer has done the environmental, human rights, and international development fields a great service with this collection. The comparative analysis of environmental values across four very different contexts, and the conclusions drawn, are rich fodder for anyone concerned with social change, not just environmental politics, across the globe. Forging Environmentalism is an important step toward a common understanding of our environmental future, and ways to get there." -- William Shutkin, Orton Family Foundation and Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"The comparative study of values is as difficult as it is essential. Forging Environmentalism is a feast for everyone attracted to this necessary project, and required reading for all those who want to understand the complex values driving environmental degradation in Asia and the United States." -- Dale Jamieson, New York University

"This remarkable study compares environmental values, local mobilization and policy, via case studies from diverse countries. It does so by close observation in communities, by in-depth interviews, and by tracking environmental mobilization on the ground. Four national teams bring the struggles and aspirations of community activists and ordinary citizens to life through their own words. At the end four scholars abstract from the cases and draw general lessons. These rich studies will be insightful to the environmental scholar and this book should become a unique resource for graduate seminars on the global environmental movement." -- Willett Kempton, coauthor, Environmental Values in American Culture

"The cross-cultural study of environmentalism must now take its inspiration from this amazing book which almost miraculously explains the deepest motives of environmental policy, law, and politics by comparing important case studies from China, Japan, India, and the United States. These studies, all brilliantly described and deeply researched, show the reader how concepts such as legality, populism, justice, tenacity, and caring differ fundamentally across cultural contexts and yet retain a human commonality. This collection of riches will reward anyone who wants to understand environmentalism across nations and cultures." -- Mark Sagoff, Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy, University of Maryland, College Park

"This excellent book makes a key contribution to the literature on environmental movements by providing rich case material pertaining to four environmentally critical countries. The book's movement from specific cases to general discussion is particularly valuable. Forging Environmentalism will inform and instruct practitioners, students, and scholars alike." -- James Gustave Speth, Dean, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Yale University

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