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Experiencing International Business and Management: Exercises, Projects, and Cases, Second Edition
Authored by: Betty Jane Punnett

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Cloth ISBN: Not Available Paper ISBN: 978-0-7656-2548-9
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N/A USD: $54.95
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Information: 168pp. Tables, figures, exhibits, cases, instructor materials including exercises and projects.
Publication Date: August 2010.  


Description: Revised and updated, this popular book adds a real-life dimension to courses in international business and management. It's designed for instructors who want to go beyond the facts and figures in standard textbooks, and helps students learn how to interact with people in different cultures in the global business environment.

The book begins with a description of the key role of experiential learning in the classroom, along with a brief overview of key concepts in international business. The main part of the text consists of 25 hands-on experiential exercises, 7 projects, and 5 mini case studies--all designed for in-class use.

This edition features updated data and information in many of the exercises, projects, and cases, and includes 5 completely new exercises and cases. For the first time, the author has identified the exercises that work particularly well with students in off-site locations. An online instructor's manual is available for adopters.

Selected Contents:

Preface and Introduction to Experiential Learning
About the Author
Overview of International Business Management


1. Defining an International Company: Worksheet for Exercise 1
2. Moving from Domestic to Global: Worksheet for Exercise 2
3. Benefits of Trade
4. Trade Considerations: Worksheet for Exercises 3 and 4
5. Choosing Your Suppliers: Worksheet for Exercise 5
6. Friendly Negotiations: Worksheet for Exercise 6
7. How Do You Negotiate?: Worksheet for Exercise 7
8. The Relative Value of Money: Worksheet for Exercise 8
9. Pricing Exports: Worksheet for Exercise 9
10. Advertising Campaigns: Worksheet for Exercise 10
11. Marketing Mistakes: Worksheet for Exercise 11
12. Effective Advertising: Worksheet for Exercise 12
13. Expatriate Assignment and Repatriation: Worksheet for Exercise 13
14. Social Responsibility: It Depends on Your Point of View: Worksheet for Exercise 14
15. Environmental Concerns and Advocacy: Worksheet for Exercise 15
16. Child Labor and International Managers: Worksheet for Exercise 16
17. What Is Bribery?: Worksheet for Exercise 17
18. Describing Culture: Worksheet for Exercise 18
19. Diversity and Cross-National Management: Worksheet for Exercise 19
20. Cross-Cultural Leadership Style: Worksheet for Exercise 20
21. Cross-Cultural Motivation: Worksheet for Exercise 21
22. Cross-Cultural Awareness Quiz
23. New Behaviors
24. Managing Political Risk: Worksheet for Exercise 24
25. Risk Assessment and Management: Worksheet for Exercise 25


1. Country Profiles
2. Export Decisions
3. Investment Decisions
4. Individual Personal Profiles
5. PCN/HCN/TCN Choices
6. Establishing a Subsidiary
7. Evaluating a Subsidiary
8. Additional Exercises

Case Studies

1. Forms, Inc.
2. Black Beauty Corp.
3. Beverages Inc. International
4. Bata Shoe Organization
5. Susan Jones's Dilemma

Comment(s): "A real gem of a book. It covers the topic in an engaging and informative way and is packed full of thought provoking questions and cases." -- Spinder Dhaliwal, University of Surrey, UK

"Punnett's new book is a great addition to the materials now available for international business students. It offers real-world examples and a real-world feel for what it is like to be a practicing international business manager. The book makes learning fun, and it makes textbooks come alive. I highly recommend it." -- David A. Ricks, University of Missouri-St. Louis (on the previous edition)

"As any seasoned global executive would tell you, international business is something you need to experience. This book will prepare you for the challenges ahead even before you have left town." -- Oded Shenkar, The Ohio State University (on the previous edition)

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