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Ethics in Public Management, Second Edition
Edited by: H. George Frederickson; Richard K. Ghere

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Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7656-3250-0 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7656-3251-7
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USD: $115.95 USD: $49.95
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Information: 408pp. Tables, figures, exhibits, bibliographic references, index.
Publication Date: March 2013.  


Description: This book presents cutting-edge commentaries by leading scholars that address issues of public ethics in the current period of broken politics and challenged legitimacy.

The contents of this new edition are completely new and reflect the work of many of the field's leading experts: Carole Jurkiewicz, H. George Frederickson, James Bowman, Rosemary O'Leary, Guy Adams, Danny Balfour, Terry Cooper, and many others.

Each of the chapters falls under one of five topical themes: the moral architecture of organizations, reassessing corruption in the twenty-first century, individual volition within public institutions, ethics in nonprofit organizations, and ethical issues in global contexts. Since most chapters address institutional forces that affect organizational and individual behavior, the introductory and concluding chapters demonstrate how institutional matters shape the real world of public service.

Selected Contents:


1. Introduction, Richard K. Ghere

Part I. The Moral Architecture of Organizations

2. The Anatomy of Ethical Dysfunction, Carole L. Jurkiewicz
3. Public Service Morals and Ethics: Thin and Thick Dilemmas in Routine and Critical Situations, Robert Schwartz
4. Power and the Ethics of Reform, Ciaran O'Kelly and Melvin Dubnick

Part II. Reassessing Corruption in the Twenty-First Century

5. Searching for Virtue in the Public Life, H. George Frederickson
6. Oversight and Accountability in Contingency Contracting: Ethical Management in a Conflict Zone, Frank Anechiarico and Gjalt de Graaf
7. The Beleaguered Ideal: Defending NCAA Amateurism, J. Patrick Dobel

Part III. Individual Volition in Public Institutions

8. From Classical Rationalism to Psychological Realism in Ethical Decision-Making, James S. Bowman and Jonathan P. West
9. Mirror Images: Conflict of Interest in Politics and Psychology, Andrew Stark
10. Guerilla Government, Rosemary O'Leary
11. Tacit Knowledge: The Foundation of Information Management, Raymond W. Cox III and Sucheta Pyakuryal

Part IV. Ethics in Nonprofit Organizations

12. The Prospects for Reconciling Sector-Specific Ethics in a Context of Blurred Boundaries, Ubiquitous Networks, and Hypermodernity, Guy B. Adams and Danny L. Balfour
13. Ethical Challenges in Nonprofit Organizations: Maintaining Public Trust, Kevin P. Kearns

Part V. Ethical Issues in Global Contexts

14. Public Service Ethics in Africa: Renewed Hope for an Integrated Ethics Framework, Diane E. Yoder and Terry L. Cooper
15. Words Making Worlds: Rhetoric and Ethics in Global Organizations, Richard K. Ghere
16. Conclusion, Richard K. Ghere


Comment(s): "In 2005, H. George Frederickson and Richard Ghere argued convincingly for the central role of ethics in the study and practice of public management. I am delighted that they, joined by a distinguished list of contributors, have again returned to this theme in the Second Edition of Ethics in Public Management. In an increasingly more diffuse and complex public management world, the pivotal nature of the role of ethics, legitimacy, and trust in the public sector is of even greater importance." -- Peter deLeon, University of Colorado, Denver

"This is a guidebook for how to do democracy right. By exploring moral priorities amidst the shifting sands of public service, Frederickson and Ghere provide a comprehensive, practical approach to public integrity." -- Mary E. Guy, University of Colorado, Denver

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