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Encyclopedia of Conflicts Since World War II, Second Edition
Edited by: James Ciment

E-book now available from EBSCO eBooks and GVRL.
Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7656-8005-1 Paper ISBN: Not Available
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Available to all countries
Information: 1488pp. Four volumes; photos; maps; glossary; bibliography; index.
Publication Date: December 2006.  


Description: Thoroughly revised to include 26 conflicts not covered in the previous edition, as well as expanded and updated information on previous coverage, this illustrated reference presents descriptions and analyses of more than 170 significant post-World War II conflicts around the globe.

Organized by region for ease of access, Encyclopedia of Conflicts Since World War II, Second Edition provides clear, in-depth explanations of events not covered in such detail in any other reference source. Including more than 180 detailed maps and 150 photos, the set highlights the conflicts that dominate today's headlines and the events that changed the course of late twentieth-century history.

Selected Contents:

Alphabetical List of Entries

Roots of War
Cold War Confrontations
People's Wars
Invasions and Border Disputes
Ethnic and Religious Conflicts
Terrorism: Global History Since the 1940s
International Arms Trade


Africa, Sub-Saharan
Map: Sub-Saharan Africa
Angola: War of National Liberation, 1961-1974
Angola: Struggle over Cabinda, 1960-
Angola: First War with UNITA, 1975-1992
Angola: Second War with UNITA, 1992-2002
Burkina Faso: Coups, 1966-1987
Burundi: Ethnic Strife Since 1962
Central African Republic: Coups Since 1966
Chad: Civil Wars, 1960s-1990s
Chad: War with Libya, 1986-1987
Comoros: Coups, 1980s
Congo, Democratic Republic of: Post-Independence Wars, 1960-1965
Congo, Democratic Republic of: Kabila Uprising, 1996-1997
Congo, Democratic Republic of: Invasions and Internal Strife, 1998
Congo, Republic of: Civil Conflict, 1997
Djibouti: Civil Conflict, 1991-2000
Eritrea: War for Independence, 1958-1991
Eritrea: Border War with Ethiopia, 1998-2000
Ethiopia: Revolution, 1974-1978
Ethiopia: War with Somalia, 1977-1978
Ethiopia: Civil War, 1978-1991
Ghana: Rawlings Coups, 1979-1981
Guinea-Bissau: War of National Liberation, 1962-1974
Guinea-Bissau: Civil War, 1998-2000
Ivory Coast: Civil Disorder Since 1999
Kenya: Mau Mau Uprising, 1952-1956
Liberia: Doe Coup, 1980
Liberia: Civil War, 1989-1997
Liberia: Anti-Taylor Uprising, 1998-2003
Madagascar: Independence Movement and Coups, 1947-2002
Mali: Ethnic and Political Conflict, 1968-1996
Mauritania: Coups Since 1978
Mozambique: War of National Liberation, 1961-1974
Mozambique: Renamo War, 1976-1992
Namibia: War of National Liberation, 1966-1990
Niger: Ethnic and Political Conflict Since 1990
Nigeria: Biafra War, 1967-1970
Nigeria: Coups and Ethnic Unrest Since 1966
Rwanda: Civil War and Genocide Since 1991
Sierra Leone: Civil Conflict, 1990-Present
Somalia: Civil War Since 1991
South Africa: Anti-Apartheid Struggle, 1948-1994
Sudan: Civil War in South, 1955-1972; 1983-2005
Sudan: Conflict in Darfur Since 2002
Togo: Coups and Political Unrest, 1963-1990s
Uganda: Anti-Amin Struggle, 1971-1979
Uganda: Civil Conflict Since 1980
Western Sahara: Polisario-Moroccan War, 1975-1991
Zimbabwe: Struggle for Majority Rule, 1965-1980
Zimbabwe: Anti-Mugabe Struggle

Map: North America and Central America
Map: South America
Argentina: Dirty War, 1960s-1970s
Argentina: Falklands/Malvinas War, 1982
Bolivia: Revolution, 1952
Brazil: General's Coup, 1964
Canada: Quebec Separatist Movement, 1960-1987
Chile: Coup Against Allende, 1973
Colombia: Internal Insurgencies, 1970s-1990s
Cuba: Communist Revolution, 1956-1959
Cuba: Bay of Pigs Invasion, 1961
Cuba: Missile Crisis, 1962
Dominican Republic: Coup and U.S. Invasion, 1965
Ecuador: Border Dispute with Peru, 1947
El Salvador: Soccer War with Honduras, 1969
El Salvador: Civil Wars, 1970s-1980s
Grenada: U.S. Invasion, 1983
Guatemala: Coup Against Arbenz, 1954
Guatemala: Civil War, 1970s-1990s
Guyana: Ethnic Conflict, 1960-1992
Haiti: Civil Conflict, 1990s
Mexico: Zapatista Uprising Since 1994
Nicaragua: Revolution, 1970s
Nicaragua: Contra War, 1980s
Panama: Torrijos Coup, 1969
Panama: U.S. Invasion, 1989
Peru: Shining Path Rebellion, 1970s-1997
Puerto Rico: Anti-U.S. Terrorism, 1934-1954
United States: War on Terrorism, 1990s-
Uruguay: Tupumaro Uprising, 1967-1985
Venezuela: Anti-Chávez Movement Since 1999

Asia, East and Southeast
Map: East and Southeast Asia
Cambodia: Civil Wars, 1968-1998
Cambodia: U.S. Interventions, 1969-1973
Cambodia: Vietnamese Invasion, 1978-1979
China: Chinese Civil War, 1927-1949
China: Invasion of Tibet, 1950-1959
China: Quemoy and Matsu, 1954-1958
China: Border War with India, 1962
China: Border Clash with Soviet Union, 1969
China: War with Vietnam, 1979
China: Tiananmen Violence, 1989
East Timor: Independence Struggle, 1974-2002
Indonesia: Wars of Independence, 1945-1949
Indonesia: Communist and Suharto Coups, 1965-1966
Indonesia: Aceh Separatist Conflict Since 1976
Korea, North: Seizure of the Pueblo, 1968
Korea, North: Nuclear Standoff Since the 1990s
Korea, South: Invasion by the North, 1950-1953
Laos: Pathet Lao War, 1960s-1970s
Malaysia: Communist Uprising, 1948-1960
Myanmar (Burma): Civil Wars and Coups Since 1945
Philippines: Huk Rebellion, 1948-1953
Philippines: Moro Uprising, 1970s-1980s
Philippines: War on Islamic Militants Since 1990
Thailand: Muslim Rebellion, 2004-
Vietnam: First Indochina War, 1946-1954
Vietnam: Second Indochina War, 1959-1975

Asia, South
Map: South Asia
Afghanistan: Soviet Invasion, 1979-1989
Afghanistan: Civil War, 1989
Afghanistan: U.S. Invasion, 2001-
India: Partition Violence, 1947
India: Jammu and Kashmir Violence Since 1947
India: Invasion of Goa, 1961
India: War with Pakistan, 1965
India: War with Pakistan and Bangladeshi Independence, 1971
India: Sikh Uprising Since 1973
India: Ethnic and Separatist Violence in Assam Since 1979
India: Nuclear Standoff with Pakistan Since 1998
Nepal: Maoist Insurgency
Sri Lanka: Tamil Uprising Since the Late 1970s

Europe and Former Soviet Union
Map: Europe
Map: Former Soviet Union
Albania: Civil Conflict, 1990s
Armenia: Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict, 1990s
Bosnia: Civil War, 1992-1995
Croatia: War with Serbia, 1991-1995
Cyprus: Communal Conflict Since 1955
Czechoslovakia: Coup, 1948
Czechoslovakia: Soviet Invasion, 1968
Georgia: Civil War, 1990s
Germany: The Berlin Crises, 1948-1949 and 1958-1962
Germany: East German Uprising, 1953
Greece: Civil War, 1944-1949
Hungary: Soviet Invasion, 1956
Ireland: The Troubles Since 1968
Italy: Anti-Mafia Campaign Since 1980
Macedonia: Ethnic Conflict, 1990s
Poland: Imposition of Martial Law, 1981-1983
Romania: Fall of Ceausescu, 1989
Russia: Chechen Uprising Since 1994
Serbia: Kosovo Secessionist Movement, 1990s
Soviet Union: Conflict with Iran over Azerbaijan, 1945-1946
Soviet Union: Conflict with Turkey, 1945-1953
Soviet Union: Downing of Korean Airliner, 1983
Spain: Basque Uprising Since 1959
Tajikistan: Civil War, 1990s
Turkey: Kurdish War Since 1984
Uzbekistan: Conflict with Islamists Since 1999

Middle East and North Africa
Map: Middle East and North Africa
Algeria: War of National Liberation, 1954-1962
Algeria: The Fundamentalist Struggle Since 1992
Egypt: Nasser Coup and Its Legacy, 1952-1970
Egypt: Sinai War, 1956
Egypt: War of Attrition, 1967-1970
Iran: Coup Against Mossadegh, 1953
Iran: Islamic Revolution, 1979
Iran: War with Iraq, 1980-1988
Iraq: Revolution and Coups, 1958-1968
Iraq: Kurdish Wars Since 1961
Iraq: Gulf War, 1990-1991
Iraq: U.S. Invasion, 2003-
Israel: War of Independence, 1948-1949
Israel: Palestinian Struggle Since 1948
Israel: Six-Day War, 1967
Israel: Yom Kippur War, 1973
Israel: Attack on Iraqi Nuclear Reactor, 1981
Jordan: Civil War, 1970
Lebanon: Civil Conflict, 1958
Lebanon: Civil War, 1975-1990
Libya: Qaddafi Coup, 1969
Libya: U.S. Air Attacks, 1986
Palestine: First Intifada, 1987-1992
Palestine: Second Intifada Since 2000
Yemen: Civil War, 1960s-1980s

Map: Oceania
Fiji: Ethnic Conflict and Coups Since 1987
Indonesia: Irian Jaya Separatist Conflict Since 1964
New Caledonia (France): Independence Struggle Since the 1970s
Papua New Guinea: Bougainville Independence Struggle Since 1988
Solomon Islands: Separatist and Ethnic Conflict, 1999-2003

Organizations, Alliances, Conventions, and Negotiations
African Union
Arab League
Central Treaty Organization (Baghdad Pact)
Non-Aligned Movement-The Bandung Conference
Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)
European Defense Community (EDC), 1952-1954
International Criminal Court
Middle East Negotiations
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
Organization of American States (OAS)
Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC)
Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO)
United Nations
Warsaw Pact
War and Weapons Conventions


General Index
Biographical and Organizational Name Index
Geographical Index

Review(s): "...purchase of the second edition is recommended." -- Booklist

"This work will be useful for academic libraries. Recommended." -- Choice, Vol.44, No.11

"The writing is clear, the stories are compelling, and the topic is horrifying in this strong and near-comprehensive second edition. ... The illustrations are strong and the maps helpful, and the thumbnail biographies and glossary are useful. A valuable resource for most school and public libraries." -- School Library Journal

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