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Economic Parables and Policies: An Introduction to Economics, Third Edition
Authored by: Laurence S. Seidman

Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7656-1108-6 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7656-1109-3
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USD: $80.95 USD: $29.95
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Available to all countries
Information: 272pp. Tables, figures, index.
Publication Date: January 2004.  


Description: This new edition of the classic Economic Parables & Policies is specifically designed to be the textbook for a one-semester introduction to economics course that covers both microeconomics and macroeconomics. The author's aim is to teach the most interesting, important, and useful things about economics in a single semester. As in earlier editions, Laurence Siedman writes in an entertaining and conversational style, using parables with memorable characters to present economic concepts, issues, and policies. But in this edition, for the first time, he introduces the two most basic economic diagrams -- demand and supply, and the production possibilities curve -- and uses these two diagrams throughout the text to analyze economic issues and policies.

The new edition begins with an enjoyable introduction to economics called "An Economist's Genesis," followed by three chapters on microeconomics ("Market: Demand and Supply," "Environmental Pollution," and "International Trade"), four chapters on macroeconomics ("Recession," "Inflation," "Growth," and "Growth through Tax Reform), and five chapters on policy issues ("The Social Contract," "Social Security," "Health Insurance," "Education," and "Poverty").

Selected Contents:

Tables and Figures
I. Introduction to Economics
1. An Economist's Genesis
II. Microeconomics
2. Markets: Demand and Supply
3. Environmental Pollution
4. International Trade
III. Macroeconomics
5. Recession
6. Inflation
7. Growth
8. Growth Through Tax Reform
IV. Policy Issues
9. The Social Contract
10. Social Security
11. Health Insurance
12. Education
13. Poverty
About the Author

Review(s): "Seidman covers the core principles of a college-level introductory economics course using an unusual storytelling style with few diagrams and little mathematics. Most topics are presented as parables featuring, for example, Adam and Eve deciding whether or not to invest in capital goods, or Senators Socialus and Regulatus debating government provided health care. ... Recommended." -- Choice

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