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Crafting Qualitative Research: Working in the Postpositivist Traditions
Authored by: Pushkala Prasad

Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7656-0789-8 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7656-0790-4
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USD: $110.95 USD: $59.95
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Information: 352pp. Figures, glossary, references, index.
Publication Date: May 2005.  


Description: Courses in management research have traditionally focused on quantitative techniques, and no available text adequately covers the many different perspectives within the qualitative model or shows which qualitative techniques work best in different settings. Crafting Qualitative Research fills this need.

In clear and readable prose, this comprehensive text offers a detailed guide to the rich diversity of qualitative research traditions, with examples and applications specifically designed for the field of Management. Each of the book's four main sections includes a descriptive "tree" diagram that lays out the historical origins of that section's traditions. Each chapter is devoted to a specific methodology and includes historical origins and development; techniques and applications; current controversies and emerging issues; and a summary box highlighting that method's utility.

With its detailed and easy-to-understand coverage, this will be the text of choice for any instructor who wants to include the qualitative approach in a research methods course, as well as a useful resource for anyone doing research in the post-positivist traditions.

Selected Contents:

1. Qualitative Research as Craft: Postpositivist Traditions and Research Styles
I. The Interpretive Traditions
2. Symbolic Interactionism: Searching for Self and Meaning
3. Hermeneutics: The Interpretations of Texts
4. Dramaturgy and Dramatism: Social Life as Theater and Stage
5. Ethnomethodology: The Accomplishment of Ordinary Lives
6. Ethnography: Cultural Understandings of Natives
II. Traditions of Deep Structure
7. Semiotics and Structuralism: The Grammar of Social Reality
III. The Critical Traditions
8. Historical Materialism: Class, Conflict, and Domination
9. Critical Theory: Hegemony, Knowledge, Production, and Communicative Action
10. Feminism: Gender as the Core Social Principle
11. Structuration and Praxeology: Transcending Dualisms Within Frameworks of Power
IV. Traditions of the "Post"
12. Postmodernism: Playing with Images and the "Truth"
13. Poststructuralism: Discourse, Discipline, and Deconstruction
14. Postcolonialism: Unpacking and Resisting Imperialism
15. Conclusion: Tradition, Improvisation, and Quality Control
About the Author

Comment(s): "For too long all non-quantitative research has been treated as a single category: qualitative. However, the diversity of assumptions and method that exists within this category is huge. Crafting Qualitative Research is the book we have been waiting for -- an approachable, articulate mapping of these very different traditions of research. Both students and experienced researchers will benefit from reading this text." -- Ralph Stablein, Massey University

"This fine book brings new insight to the diversity that exists within the traditions of qualitative research. Professor Prasad is deeply conversant with the philosophical perspectives that undergird the disparate research traditions, as well as with the differences in technique that are observed in practice. The result is a book that is of immense value to the teaching and learning of qualitative methods." -- Eileen Fischer, York University

Review(s): "...any thoughtful practitioner wishing to develop criteria for evaluating the non-quantitative research materials they might encounter will be very well equipped by a reading of this book. ...insightful, illuminating and authoritative." -- Journal of Management Studies, 43:2

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