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Cracking the Code: Leveraging Consumer Psychology to Drive Profitability
Edited by: Steven S. Posavac

Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7656-2964-7 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7656-2965-4
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USD: $110.95 USD: $54.95
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Information: 344pp. Tables, figures, bibliographic references, index.
Publication Date: August 2011.  


Description: Filled with solid, actionable information and advice, this unique handbook focuses on how knowledge of the principles of consumer psychology can be used to improve managerial decision making and organizational performance.

The contributing authors offer a set of managerial rules for action that have been distilled from reviews of a wide range of expert research. The book contains systematic, prescriptive managerial advice based on state-of-the-art knowledge regarding how consumers think and choose.

The chapters cover fundamental topics, such as new product management, marketing mix strategy, marketing communications and advertising, social media, and experiential marketing.

Selected Contents:

Introduction: Cracking the Code, Steven S. Posavac

1. Bridging Theory and Practice: A Conceptual Model of Relevant Research, Bernd Schmitt

2. Optimal Marketing for Really New Products: Using a Consumer Perspective to Improve Communications, Steve Hoeffler and Michal Herzenstein

3. Consumer Tunnel Vision and Implications for Managing the Marketing Mix, Steven S. Posavac, David M. Sanbonmatsu, Shailendra Pratap Jain

4. How To Target Diverse Customers: An Advertising Typology and Prescriptions from Social Psychology, Anne M. Brumbaugh

5. Where to Draw the Line? Managerial Implications of Behavioral Research on Deceptive Advertising, Guang-Xin Xie and David M. Boush

6. Verbal and Visual Information Interaction in Print Advertisements, Yeqing Bao, Shi Zhang, and James T. Simpson

7. Comparative Advertising Research: A Review and Research Agenda, Meng-Hua Hsieh, Kyra Blower, Xingbo Li, Shailendra Pratap Jain, and Steven S. Posavac

8. Brand Experience: Managerial Applications of a New Consumer Psychology Concept, J. Josko Brakus, Bernd Schmitt, and Lia Zarantonello

9. Success Stories: How Marketing Managers Can Leverage the Psychology of Narratives, Jennifer Edson Escalas

10. The Consumer-Generated Product Review: Its Effect on Consumers and Marketers, Ohyoon Kwon and Yongjun Sung

11. Improving the Predictive Power of Consumer Research by Measuring Naturally Occurring Judgments, Maria L. Cronley, Frank R. Kardes, Susan Powell Mantel, and Helene Deval

12. Negativity and Customer Satisfaction: Its Managerial Implications, Keiko I. Powers

13. Nonconscious Processes in Consumer Behavior: A Review of Prior Literature and Implications for Marketing, Israel Martinez, Raquel Castao, Claudia Quintanilla, and Martin Reimann

14. Marketing Insights from a Model of Action and Empirical Findings, Geraldine Fennell

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Comment(s): "This book gleans pearls of wisdom for marketing practitioners from key cumulative findings of academic research. It truly bridges the gap between the academic research of consumer psychologists and the applications of marketing practitioners." -- C. W. Park, University of Southern California

"Consumer psychology has a lot to offer to managerial decision making, but consumer researchers are often not interested in applying their theories and findings to the solution of actual business problems and managers frequently call into question the relevance of academic research. The original chapters in this volume are a most welcome addition to the literature on how to facilitate the transfer of consumer research to managerial practice." -- Hans Baumgartner, The Pennsylvania State University

Review(s): "Posavac aims to help close the gap between marketing research and its practical application. He claims current research is focused on science and adheres to the strict guidelines for publication, and much less so to the applicability of the content. As a result, much research has limited practical relevance. Posavac addresses this by providing constructive advice regarding how to conduct such research in order to make it more pragmatic. He assembles a broad collection of works by various authors in an attempt to bridge the gap between theory and practice. These pieces cover diverse areas, including advertising research, branding, and consumer psychology, yielding results that can be applied instantly to contribute to a positive bottom line. This volume is an interesting read for novice academic researchers as well as for graduate students interested in consumer behavior. Recommended. Lower-division undergraduate through research collections." -- Choice

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