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Civic Service Worldwide: Impacts and Inquiry
Edited by: Amanda Moore McBride; Michael Sherraden

Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7656-1640-1 Paper ISBN: Not Available
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Information: 288pp. Tables, figures, references, index.
Publication Date: November 2006.  


Description: This comprehensive collection of the latest research and policy developments in civic service worldwide provides an informed assessment of what works and what doesn't work in the field. With contributions from some of the discipline's best-known global leaders, it presents a conceptualization and operational definition of civic service that allows for variations across nations and cultures.

Civic Service Worldwide offers a perspective on the history and potential for civic service from its roots in military service. It summarizes the effects of national service in diverse countries, and identifies important developments in service, including service across the lifespan and transnational service. The editors and contributors also address key questions and promising theoretical and methodological approaches for advancing knowledge in the field.

Selected Contents:

Foreword: Civic Service Analysis Has Come of Age, Amitai Etzioni
Preface and Acknowledgements

I. Context
1. Building Knowledge on Civic Service Worldwide, Amanda Moore McBride and Michael Sherraden, with Margaret Lombe and Fengyan Tang
2. From Military Service to Civic Service: The Evolution of National Youth Service, Donald J. Eberly and Reuven Gal

II. National Service: Policy, Potential, and Effects
3. The Effects of National Service in Africa, with a Focus on Nigeria, Ebenezer Obadare
4. Toward Universal National Youth Service in Israel: Possible Social Capital Effects, Nicole Fleischer and Reuven Gal
5. The Effects of National Service in the United States: A Research Synthesis, James L. Perry and Ann Marie Thomson

III. Civic Service Across the Life Course
6. Civic Service Among Youth in Chile, Denmark, England, and the United States: A Psychological Perspective, Judith Torney-Purta, Jo-Ann Amadeo, and Wendy Klandl Richardson
7. The Potential Effects of Service-Learning and Community Service in Educational Settings in Latin America, María Nieves Tapia
8. Youth Service and Elder Service in Comparative Perspective, Nancy Morrow-Howell and Fengyan Tang

IV. Civic Service Across Borders
9. International Civic Service: A Step Toward Cooperation in a Global World, Margaret Sherrard Sherraden
10. Social Psychological Theory and the Potential for Intergroup and Ethnonational Cooperation in Civic Service Programs, Ronald Pitner

V. Impacts and Inquiry
11. Civic Service Across Nations and Cultures: The Range of Effects and Ways to Study Them, Justin Davis Smith and Angela Ellis
12. Directions in Civic Service Scholarship: An Institutional Perspective, Amanda Moore McBride and Michael Sherraden, with Natasha Menon

About the Editors and Contributors

Review(s): "Recommended. Libraries serving schools of business and departments of sociology." -- Choice

"The value of this collection lies in its clarification of core concepts and definitions, in the explicitly comparative and international perspectives on service, in framing relationships among the relevant variables, and in sharpening the focus of further research. All of these are necessary steps to closing the research gap. This book moves the study of civic service forward and is a welcome and valuable addition to the library of any scholar or policy analyst with interests in voluntarism, citizen engagement, social capital, nonprofits, public administration, or community and international development." -- Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly

"This book covers an array of research agendas, providing us with a much needed reference volume on Western approaches to Civic Service. The volume also provides readers with a cogent argument for more theorizing and empirical evaluation of existing civic service movements." -- Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare

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