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Chinese Political Culture, 1989-2000
Edited by: Shiping Hua

Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7656-0565-8 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7656-0566-5
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USD: $95.95 USD: $36.95
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Information: 388pp. Index.
Publication Date: July 2001.  


Description: Until now there has been no comprehensive, methodologically aware work that covers all aspects of Chinese political culture. Here is the first post-Tiananmen study that reveals just how much, how rapidly, and how dramatically China is changing politically, and why our perceptions of China must keep pace.

The book focuses on three major topics: Chinese identities and political culture (regional identities, anti-politics attitudes, Hong Kong identity); public opinion surveys (the Beijing area, Chinese workers, the Shanghai area); and ideological debates (the "new" Confucianism, masculinity and Confucianism, why authoritarianism is popular in China, the decline of official ideology). Through these penetrating analyses readers will gain valuable insights on the evolving Chinese political culture and its impact on crucial issues of business, labor, trade, human rights, military threat, and more.

Selected Contents:

List of Tables and Figures
Foreward, Andrew J. Nathan
Introduction: Some Paradigmatic Issues in the Study of Chinese Political Culture, Shiping Hua
Part I: The Chinese Cultural Tradition and its Modern Face
1. Sage,Teacher,Businessman: Confucius As A Model Male, Kam Louie
2. The Changing Concept of Zhong (loyalty): Emerging New Chinese Political Culture, Godwin C. Chu
3. New Confucianism: A Native Response to Western Philosophy, Roger T. Ames
Part II: Socialization: Official Ideologies,Literature and the Media
4. Still Building the Nation: The Causes and Consequences of China's Patriotic Fervor,Edward Friedman
5. Curing the Sickness and Saving the Party: Neo-Maoism and Neo-Conservatism in the 1990s, Kalpana Misra
6. The Antipolitical Tendency in Contemporary Chinese Political Thinking, Peter Moody
7. Political Culture as Social Construction of Reality: A Case Study of Hong Kong's Images in Mainland China, Jonathan Jian-Hua Zhu & Huixin Ke
Part III: Comparative Political Culture Studies: Social Strata and Regions
8. Diversification of Chinese Entrepreneurs and Cultural Pluralism in the Reform Era, Cheng Li
9. Provincial Identities and Political Cultures: Modernism,Traditionalism,Parochialism and Separatism, Alan P.L. Liu
10. Political Culture of Election in Taiwanese and Chinese Minority Areas, Chih-yu Shih
11. Religion and Society in China and Taiwan, Wenfang Tang
12. Culture Shift and Regime Legitimacy: Comparing Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, Yun-han Chu & Yu-Tzung Chang

Comment(s): "Shiping Hua's edited collection is a timely and important contribution to an often misunderstood subject. By taking a broad definitional perspective and choosing leading scholars who understand both Western theories and the complexities of "Greater China," he has given us the most comprehensive study to date of Chinese political culture in the 1990s. This book will be of value to students and specialists alike." -- Stanley Rosen, University of Southern California

"As the first concerted attempt to examine Chinese political culture during the reform epoch, this book makes a worthwhile contribution to our understanding of contemporary China. Bringing together a wide range of approaches is quite appropriate to study a culture now undergoing considerable diversification, despite the regime's efforts to maintain a cohesive ideological framework." -- Lowell Dittmer, University of California, Berkeley

Review(s): "...The chapters in this volume aree uniformly insightful and well-written.It will be a useful addition to classes on contemporary China and as a guide to further research." --

"...provides a useful analysis of the historical origins and diversity of Chinese political culture between 1989 and 2000 to students and general readers." -- Journal of Contemporary Asia, Vol. 33 No. 3

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