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Chinese Business History: Interpretive Trends and Priorities for the Future
Edited by: Robert Gardella; Andrea McElderry; Jane K. Leonard

Cloth ISBN: Not Available Paper ISBN: 978-0-7656-0346-3
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Information: 192pp. Index.
Publication Date: March 1999.  


Description: This study focuses on how Chinese business organization, practice, and success have been interpreted in the historical literature and identifies the major issues in this growing subfield of modern Chinese history. By introducing various interpretations of China's economic development (including the impact of the West, modernization, and Marxist, Weberian, and revisionist approaches ) as well as Western business history theory, this seminal work establishes a basis for constructing an appropriate framework for future research on Chinese business history. The chapter by Albert Feuerwerker is itself an interpretation of Chinese business history and suggests some continuities (and by implication differences) in three historical periods dating from 1600 to the present. Issues raised therein are echoed in five historiographical chapters which assess and categorize approaches to Chinese business history in the scholarly literature from the PRC, Taiwan, and the West, and in case histories of Chinese enterprises. Prominent themes include the role of the state and the social order in shaping business organization and practice, forms of business organization (e.g., family, lineage, partnership, government -sponsored) and their efficacy, the nature of Chinese entrepreneurship, and foreign influence on Chinese economic development. The final essay by Daniel Nelson is an historiographical survey of Western business history with emphasis on the influencial work of Alfred Chandler.

Selected Contents:

1. Introduction: Interpretive Trends and Priorities for the Future, Robert Gardella and Andrea McElderry
2. Doing Business in China Over Three Centuries, Albert Feuerwerker
3. Chinese Business History in the P.R.C.: A Review, Man Bun Kwan
4. Interpretative Trends in Taiwan Scholarship on Chinese Business History: 1600 to the Present, Man-houng Lin
5. Critique of Scholarship on Chinese Business History in the PRC and Taiwan, Madeleine Zelin
6. Themes and Issues in Chinese Business History, Yen-p'ing Hao
7. Tradition and Change in the Chinese Business Enterprise: The Family Firm Past and Present, Wellington K.K. Chan
8. Comments and Reflections on Chinese Business History, Parks M. Coble
9. Western Business History: Experience and Comparative Perspectives, Daniel Nelson
10. Response to Daniel Nelson's "Western Business History: Experience and Comparative Perspectives," Keith L. Bryant, Jr.
11. Enterprise History: Studies and Archives, Chi-kong Lai

Review(s): "Begins with an excellent general introduction by the guest editors, followed by a lively discussion of the main issues identified throughout the book...There is a gem of a publication for anyone interested in Chinese business history. The references are a mine of useful information and the overall quality of the discussion appeals to the expert and layperson alike. This is a valuable addition to the literature." -- China Information

"This edited volume delivers nicely on its stated goal of identifying past, present, and future directions of Chinese business history research and writing...Features many of the most prominent scholars in the field...Will serve as a worthy addition for students and scholars because of its identification of major trends, its breadth, an exceptional bibliography, and the sense of urgency it conveys with regard to future scholarship in the field." -- Pacific Affairs

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