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China's Environment and the Challenge of Sustainable Development
Edited by: Kristen A. Day

Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7656-1470-4 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7656-1471-1
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USD: $103.95 USD: $42.95
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Information: 320pp. Tables, figures, maps, boxes, bibliography, index.
Publication Date: January 2005.  


Description: China has been experiencing extraordinary economic growth for over two decades. Behind the remarkable statistics, however, it is facing a pressing issue: balancing its economic development needs with protecting its environmental resources. The environmental issue in China has a profound impact on the rest of the world as well, in such concerns as global warming and ethical and legal considerations about environmental enforcement.

This book covers a broad range of topics, from specific environmental assessments in key sectors (i.e. desertification) to the policy implications of China's entry into the WTO. The contributors include scholars, government officials, business consultants, environmental science and technology experts, and others based in China and the United States. Sharing perspectives that reflect their diverse backgrounds, these experts offer valuable insights for handling the emerging opportunities and challenges of doing business in China.

Selected Contents:

List of Illustrative Materials
Foreword, N.T. Wang

1. China's Road to Sustainable Development: An Overview, Cynthia W. Cann, Michael C. Cann, and Gao Shangquan
2. Public Environmental Consciousness in China: Early Empirical Evidence, Yok-shiu F. Lee
3. Environmental Law in the People's Republic of China: An Overview Describing Challenges and Providing Insights for Good Governance, Richard J. Ferris Jr. and Hongjun Zhang
4. Environmental Enforcement in China, Elizabeth Economy
5. Beyond the Bureaucracy: Changing China's Policymaking Environment, Eric Zusman and Jennifer L. Turner
6. Emissions Trading to Improve Air Quality in an Industrial City in the People's Republic of China, Richard D. Morgenstern, Piya Abeygunawardena, Robert Anderson, Ruth Greenspan Bell, Alan Krupnick, and Jeremy Schreifels
7. Environmental Implications of China's Energy Demands: An Overview, Frank Wang and Hongfei Li
8. Reviving the Scorched Earth?

A Snapshot of China's Hazardous Waste Management and Cleaner Production Programs, Dan Millison
9. Sandy Desertification in Northern China, Wang Tao and Wu Wei
10. China's Environment: A Bibliographic Essay, James D. Seymour

About the Editor and Contributors

Comment(s): "Centuries of demographic pressure, wars' ravages, extensive poverty, and two and a half decades of rapid but neglectful economic growth have saddled China with a critically damaged environment. How successfully China manages its environmental challenges and remaining natural resources will greatly affect the quality of the Chinese world and the world we all live in, and will also affect the long-term performance of the Chinese economy. This fine collection of essays by many of the best observers and analysts of Chinese environmental issues is filled with timely information and analysis, and backed up by extensive documentation and excellent bibliographies. Highly recommended for anyone interested in the book's subjects, which include environmental law and enforcement; public environmental consciousness; the influence of international organizations; emissions trading; hazardous waste management; and desertification." -- John L. Holden, President, National Committee on U.S.-China Relations
"There is no more pressing world problem than the degradation of the global environment. And there is no country more integral to the success or failure of that problem's solution than China. For anyone interested in how China can continue its high speed development without committing environmental suicide and profoundly affecting the global environment in this process, this book is an excellent place to start." -- Orville Schell, Dean, Graduate School of Journalism, UC Berkeley, and author, Mandate of Heaven and Virtual Tibet.

Review(s): "... it contains thoughtful essays and is balanced and up-to-date. Recommended. General readers; upper-division undergraduate through professional audiences." -- Choice

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