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Business Ethics: New Challenges for Business Schools and Corporate Leaders
Edited by: Robert A. Peterson; O.C. Ferrell

Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7656-1458-2 Paper ISBN: Not Available
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USD: $98.95 N/A
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Paperback not available in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.
Information: 304pp. Tables, figures, references, index.
Publication Date: September 2004.  


Description: The many recent and high profile corporate scandals highlight the need for companies to do a better job of integrating ethics and responsibility into business decisions--and for business schools to integrate ethics awareness and training into their curricula. This volume sets the agenda for business ethics and corporate responsibility in the future. It brings together ideas, challenges, and proposed solutions for thinking about--and implementing--effective ethics programs in business schools and business organizations.

Edited by two highly regarded business educators, and featuring contributions by leading scholars and administrators, Business Ethics: New Challenges for Business Schools and Corporate Leaders covers all dimensions of ethical decison making--individual, organizational, and societal. The thirteen original chapters offer new and emerging perspectives for creating ethical business leadershop and developing organizational ethics initiatives.

Selected Contents:


1. A Framework for Understanding Organizational Ethics, O.C. Ferrell
2. Personal Moral Codes and the Hunt-Vitell Theory of Ethics: Why Do People's Ethical Judgments Differ?, Shelby D. Hunt and Scott J. Vitell
3. Why Do Good People Do Bad Things? Challenges to Business Ethics and Corporate Leadership, Patricia H. Werhane
4. Corporate Governance and Ethical Leadership, Debbie Thorne McAlister and O.C. Ferrell
5. Ethical Leadership and Creating Value for Stakeholders, R. Edward Freeman
6. Mindfulness and Integrity: The Ongoing Challenge of Leadership Development, Sandra Waddock
7. Benchmarking Student Attitudes Regarding Ethical Issues, Robert A. Peterson and Gerald Albaum
8. Auditor Independence and the Scope of CPA Services: Roots and Recent Developments, Gary John Previts
9. System Design: New Frontier for Ethical Leadership, Marjorie Kelly
10. Ethical Leadership for Improved Corporate Governance and Better Business Education, Gene R. Laczniak and Patrick E. Murphy
11. Why Ethics and Profits Can and Must Work Together in Business, Donald P. Robin
12. Denial and Leadership in Business Ethics Education, Diane L. Swanson and William C. Frederick
13. Reflections, Robert A. Peterson

About the Editors and Contributors

Comment(s): "The development of values-based leaders has become a priority goal, if not a mandate, for institutions of higher education. This is particularly true for schools of business that are accredited by AACSB International. It is refreshing to know that there is finally a book on the market that will enable business-school professors to integrate multiple dimensions of ethics into their course content to achieve this goal." -- Dr. Willie E. Hopkins, Dean, School of Business and Technology, University of Maryland Eastern Shore

"This volume brings together today's best thinking on the frontier between academic business ethicists and the real-world practitioners who face the actual task of implementing corporate ethics and compliance programs. It does an admirable job of connecting theory to practice and constitutes a real advance in the field." -- Robert Kolb, Assistant Dean for Business and Society, Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado

Review(s): "...compact resource containing new insights for leaders in business and educational organizations." -- Educational Book Review

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