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Broadening the Horizons of Chinese History: Discourses, Syntheses, and Comparisons
Authored by: Ray Huang

Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7656-0347-0 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7656-0348-7
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USD: $82.95 USD: $35.95
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Available to all countries
Information: 288pp. Index.
Publication Date: April 1999.  


Description: With 650,000 copies of his books in print around the world, especially in translation in Taiwan and China but also in Japanese, French, Spanish, Korean, and German editions, the author of the critically acclaimed 1587: A Year of No Significance and China: A Macro History (both of which are consistently high on the best-seller list in Beijing), Ray Huang has become a writer-historian to be reckoned with. The first China historian to apply the theories of major western thinkers to modern China, his macro perspective has become a formidable intellectual challenge to historians everywhere

Gathered here are research papers, speeches, and lecture notes, a multi-facted survey of Chinese history embracing a wide range of subjects, from historical antecedents, relevant Western experience, and recent revelations to locus classicus and statistics. All lead to Huang's grand synthesis: That the one-and-a-half-century-long Chinese revolution is nearing fulfillment as Chinese civilization merges with Western history. While not everyone will agree with Ray Huang, no one who is seriously concerned with these issues can afford to ignore the provocative and erudite challenge of his vision.

Selected Contents:

1. The Structural Approach to Modern Chinese History
2. The History of the Ming Dynasty and Today's World
3. The Rise of Capitalism in Venice, the Dutch Republic, and England: A Chronological Approach
4. The Merger of Chinese History with Western Civilization
5. Capitalism and the Twenty-first Century
6. Proposals for the Revision of Modern Chinese History
7. A New Direction for Modern Chinese Historiography
8. A Second Look at the Year-end Revenue Data in Ming Taizong Shilu

Review(s): "It is always interesting to read. [Huang] has an easy and informal style, which arouses the reader's curiosity and provokes thought. No wonder he is one of the few historians of China to reach best-seller status. This is a remarkable book." -- Asian Studies Review

"Huang's book has an engaging style, which will appeal to a general readership...should interest historians researching the modern historiography of China or the world." -- History

"Huang's work will be immensely beneficial to not only China historians, but to world historians as well. ...secondary school teachers and undergraduate professors will find Huang's work quite helpful. As one of the senior historians in the China field, Huang's structuralist approach remains engaging and interesting." -- Education About Asia, Vol.10, No.2

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