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American Space, Jewish Time: Essays in Modern Culture and Politics
Authored by: Stephen J. Whitfield

Cloth ISBN: Not Available Paper ISBN: 978-1-56324-932-7
Cloth Price Paper Price
N/A USD: $29.95
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Available to all countries
Information: 240pp. Bibliographic references, name index.
Publication Date: July 1996.  


Description: This book is about the distinctiveness of Jewish life in America, and the contribution Jewish culture has made in various areas: humor, journalism, liberalism, radicalism, movies, and others. At a time when some observers are warning that Jews are being seduced by benign, pluralistic, American society, Whitfield shows how American Jews have instead adapted to an environment of liberty and opportunity without abandoning their distinct religious and ethnic identity.

Comment(s): "Whitfield's command of Jewish and Judaic tradition and lore and literature is formidable, and he applies it with a fine touch." -- Alan Trachtenberg, Yale University

"This delightful series of essays ... provides a cornucopia of detail and a plethora of shrewd insights. ... Whitfield displays a truly impressive breadth of knowledge on topics as diverse as politics, literature, religion, philosophy, and popular culture." -- Leonard Dinnerstein, The Journal of American History

"Whitfield brings a lively intelligence and a wide array of literature to bear on important questions regarding American Jewish culture. ... His intellectual scope, ready wit, and sparkling style make this book a pure pleasure." -- Linda Schloff, American Jewish History

"This is an important and provocative book that should concern anyone interested in the issue of Jewish assimilation and its impact on Jewish culture." -- Jack Fischel, Judaica Book News

"This is a delightful book, a small gem replete with insightful, provocative pieces about both American culture and Jewish life. I think that Stephen Whitfield is one of the most original essayists on these two topics. Few other scholars combine the density of his knowledge with the verve of his prose." -- Hasia R. Diner, New York University

Review(s): "Engaging and stimulating." -- Virginia Quarterly Review

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