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American Countercultures: An Encyclopedia of Nonconformists, Alternative Lifestyles, and Radical Ideas in U.S. History
Edited by: Gina Misiroglu

Library Journal Best Reference
A RUSA Outstanding Reference Source

E-book now available from EBSCO eBooks and GVRL.
Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7656-8060-0 Paper ISBN: Not Available
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USD: $299.00 N/A
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Available to all countries
Information: 1184pp. Three volumes; topic finder; essays; photos; primary documents; filmography; bibliographies.
Publication Date: November 2008.  


Description: The term "counterculture" refers to any intentional departure from conventional values and practices or the dominant lifestyles of the day. This set is the first reference work to examine the impact of countercultural movements on American social history. It explores these movements in America from colonial times to the present in colorful detail.

American Countercultures is a useful supplement throughout the American History curriculum. It highlights the writings, recordings, and visual works produced by these movements to educate, inspire, and incite action in all eras of the nation's history. A-Z entries provide a wealth of information on personalities, places, events, concepts, beliefs, groups, and practices. The set includes numerous illustrations, a topic finder, primary source documents, bibliographic citations, cross-references, and an index.

Selected Contents:

Topic Finder

A-Z Entries

Abbey, Edward; Abolitionism; Abraham Lincoln Brigade; Absinthe; Abstract Expressionism; Acid Rock; Advertising; African Americans; Afrocentrism; Alcoholics Anonymous; Alcott, Amos Bronson; Algonquin Round Table; Ali, Muhammad; Alice's Restaurant ; Alison, Francis; Altamont Free Concert; Amana Society; American Indian Movement; Amish; Amphetamines and Speed Freaks; Anarchism; Anarchist Cookbook, The ; Anderson, Laurie; Anderson, Margaret; Andrews, Stephen Pearl; Anti-Freemasonry; Anti-Globalization Movement; Antinomianism; Apocalypse Culture; Apple Computer; Armory Show; Ashcan School; Asian Pride; Astrology; Atheism; Aurora Commune; Austin, Texas

Baby Boomers; Backus, Isaac; Baez, Joan; Baker, Chet; Baker, Josephine; Baldwin, James; Baldwin, Roger; Baraka, Amiri; Barnes, Djuna; Barnum, P.T.; Beach, Sylvia; Beat Generation; Beatles, The; Bebop; Be-Ins; Bellamy, Edward; Ben & Jerry's; Berkeley, California; Berkman, Alexander; Berlin Heights Commune; Berrigan, Daniel, and Philip Berrigan; Bethel Commune; Bicycles; Bierce, Ambrose; Biker Culture; Birth Control Pill; Black Arts Movement; Black Mountain College; Black Muslims; Black Panthers; Black Power Movement; Blavatsky, Helena; Bloggers; Blue Man Group; Blues Music; Body Arts; Bohemianism; Bookstores, Alternative; Boston Marriages; Bowery B'hoys and G'hals; Bowie, David; Branch Davidians; Brando, Marlon; Brautigan, Richard; Brisbane, Albert; Broadside ; Brook Farm; Brown, H. Rap; Brown Berets; Brownson, Orestes; Bruce, Lenny; Buddhism; Bukowski, Charles; Buntline, Ned; Burning Man Festival; Burns, Otway; Burroughs, William S.

Cambridge, Massachusetts; Carlin, George; Carmichael, Stokely; Carroll, Jim; Carson, Rachel; Cash, Johnny; Castaneda, Carlos; Catcher in the Rye, The ; Catholic Worker Movement; CBGB; Cedar Tavern; Chautauqua Movement; Chavez, Cesar; Cheech and Chong; Chelsea Hotel; Cherry Lane Theatre; Chicago Seven; Chicano Moratorium; Chicano Movement; Chicano Theater; Chick, Jack; Chomsky, Noam; Christian Science; Circus and Carnival Culture; City College of New York; City Lights Bookstore and Press; Civil Rights Movement; Claflin, Tennessee; Clapp, Henry; Clare, Ada; Cocaine; Coffeehouses; COINTELPRO; Collins, Judy; Columbia University; Come-Outers; Comics, Underground; Communes; Communism; Communitarianism; Con Artists; Conceptual Art; Conroy, Jack; Conscientious Objectors, Draft Dodgers, and Deserters; Consciousness Raising; Conspiracy Theories;
Cooperatives, Consumer; Cooperatives, Producer; Coyote, Peter; Crumb, Robert; Cults; Cummings, E.E.; Cushman, Charlotte; Cyberpunk

Daughters of Bilitis; Davis, Andrew Jackson; Davis, Angela; Davis, Miles; Dean, James; Debs, Eugene V.; Deep Ecology; Deganawidah; Delany, Martin R.; Democratic Party; Dial, The ; Dick, Philip K.; Disco; Doonesbury ; Douglass, Frederick; Draft, Military; Drag; Drifters; Drug Culture; Du Bois, W.E.B.; Dyer, Mary; Dylan, Bob

East Village, New York City; Eastman, Max, and Crystal Eastman; Easy Rider ; Eckankar; Ecstasy; Electrical Bananas; Ellison, Harlan; Emerson, Ralph Waldo; Emo and Hardcore; Encounter Groups; Environmentalism; Ephrata Cloister; Erhard Seminars Training (EST); Esalen Institute; Eugene, Oregon; Evergreen Review ; Existentialism; Exorcism; Extrasensory Perception and Parapsychology

Farm, The; Farmers' Alliance; Fashion; Father Divine; Federal Art Project; Federal Theatre Project; Federal Writers' Project; Feminism, First-Wave; Feminism, Second-Wave; Feminism, Third-Wave; Feminism, Social Justice; Ferlinghetti, Lawrence; Fetish Culture; Film, Cult; Film, Hollywood; Film, Independent; Fitzgerald, F. Scott; Fitzgerald, Zelda; Flappers and Flapper Culture; Flower Children; Folk Music; Foster, Charles H.; Fox, Kate, Leah Fox, and Margaret Fox; Freaks, Freak Shows, and Freakatoriums; Free Love; Free Speech Movement; Free Universities; Freemasonry; Freidan, Betty; Fruitlands; Fugs, The; Fuller, Margaret; Fuller, R. Buckminster; Fundamentalism, Christian

Gangs and Gang Culture; Gangsta Rap; Gangsters; Garrison, William Lloyd; Garvey, Marcus; Gay Liberation Movement; Gaye, Marvin; Generation Gap; Generation X; Generation Y; Ghost Dance; Ginsberg, Allen; Glam Rock; Goldman, Emma; Gonzales, Rodolfo "Corky"; Gonzo Journalism; Gorton, Samuel; Goth Culture; Graffiti; Graham, Sylvester; Grange, National; Grateful Dead; Gray Panthers; Great Depression; Greeley, Horace; Green Party; Greening of America, The ; Greenwich Village, New York City; Gregory, Dick; Groupies; Grunge Rock; Guerrilla Girls; Guerrilla Theater; Guthrie, Woody

Hackers; Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco; Hair ; Happenings; Hare Krishna; Harlem Renaissance; Harmonialism; Harmony Society; Harris, Thomas Lake; Hasidim and Hasidism; Hatch, Cora Scott; Hawthorne, Nathaniel; Haywood, William "Big Bill"; Health Foods; Heaven's Gate; Heavy Metal; Hecker, Isaac; Hefner, Hugh; Hells Angels; Hemingway, Ernest; Hendrix, Jimi; Heroin; Hester, Carolyn; Hip-Hop; Hippies; Hitchhiking; Hoffman, Abbie; Holiday, Billie; hooks, bell; Hopper, Dennis; Hot-Rodding; Houdini, Harry; Hughes, Langston; Hurston, Zora Neale; Hutchinson, Anne; Huxley, Aldous

Icarians; Indie Rock; Industrial Workers of the World; Ingersoll, Robert; Internet

James, C.L.R.; Jazz; Jefferson Airplane; Jehovah's Witnesses; Jemison, Mary; Jesus People; Jews; Jews for Jesus; John Birch Society; John Reed Clubs; Joplin, Janis

Kerouac, Jack; Kesey, Ken; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Kitchen, The; Knights of the Golden Circle; Ku Klux Klan; Kunstler, William

Latino and Latina Culture; Le Sueur, Meridel; Leary, Timothy; Lee, Ann; Lennon, John; Lesbian Culture; Liberator, The ; Lippmann, Walter; Living Theatre; London, Jack; Los Angeles; Lost Generation; Lovecraft, H.P.; Love-Ins; Lowriders; LSD; Ludlow, Fitz Hugh; Luhan, Mabel Dodge; Lumpkin, Grace; Lyceum Movement

Macfadden, Bernarr; MAD ; Madison, Wisconsin; Mafia; Magazines, Little; Magic and Magicians; Malcolm X; Manson Family; Mapplethorpe, Robert; Marcuse, Herbert; Marijuana; Masses, The ; Mattachine Society; Max, Peter; MC5; McCarthy, Eugene; McCarthyism; McKenna, Terence; McLuhan, Marshall; McPherson, Aimee Semple; Me Decade; Media, Alternative; Medicine, Alternative; Medieval Reenactment; Menken, Adah Isaacs; Mennonites; Men's Movements; Merry Pranksters; Mesmerism; Millay, Edna St. Vincent; Miller, Henry; Miller, William; Mills, C. Wright; Mod; Mod Squad, The ; Modern Times; Mole People; Moonies; Moore, Michael; Moravians; Mormonism; Morrison, Jim; Morrison, Toni; Morton, Thomas; Mother Jones ; Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan; Ms. ; MTV

Nader, Ralph; Naropa University; Nation, The ; National Lampoon ; Native American Church; Native Americans; Neolin; New Age; New Left; New School, The; New Thought; Newport Folk Festival; Newton, Huey; Noyes, John Humphrey; Nudism and Nudist Colonies; Nuyorican Poets Cafe; N.W.A.

Oberlin College; O'Brien, Fitz-James; Ochs, Phil; O'Keeffe, Georgia; Omphalism; Oneida Community; O'Neill, Eugene; Onion, The ; Organic Farming; Outsider Art; Outsider Music; Owen, Robert Dale

Pacifica Radio; Pacifism; Palahniuk, Chuck; Palmer, Phoebe; Patchen, Kenneth; Peace and Freedom Party; Pentecostalism; People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals; Peoples Temple; Perfectionist Movement; Performance Art; Performance Space 122; Peter, Paul and Mary; Peyote; Pfaff's Cellar; Phish; Physical Culture Movement; Pilgrims; Pinero, Miguel; Pirate Radio; Pirsig, Robert M.; Poe, Edgar Allan; Polar Bear Clubs; Pop, Iggy; Pop Art; Populism; Pornography; Poster Art; Pound, Ezra; Presley, Elvis; Presses, Small Book; Priestley, Joseph; Prohibition; Provincetown Players; Pryor, Richard; Pseudoscience; Psychedelia; Psychobilly; Public Enemy; Pulp Fiction; Punk Rock; Puritans; Purple, Adam; Pynchon, Thomas

Quakers; Queer Nation

Radio; Ramones, The; Rand, Ayn; Randolph, A. Philip; Rankin, Jeannette; Rap Music; Rastafari Movement; Rave Culture; Ray, Man; Realist, The ; Recycling; Reed, John; Reed, Lou; Regulators; Reich, Wilhelm; R.E.M.; Rexroth, Kenneth; Rice, Thomas Dartmouth; Riot Grrrl; Ripley, George; Rivers, Larry; Robbins, Tom; Robeson, Paul; Rock and Roll; Rocky Horror Picture Show, The ; Role-Playing Games; Rolling Stone ; Rolling Stones, The; Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In ; Rubin, Jerry

Sacco and Vanzetti Case; Salinger, J.D.; San Francisco; Sanger, Margaret; Santeria; Saxton, Alexander P.; Schools, Alternative and Experimental; Science Fiction; Scientology; Seattle; Seeger, Pete; Settlement Houses; Seven Arts, The ; Sex Trade and Prostitution; Sexual Revolution; Shakers; Shakur, Tupac; Simpsons, The ; Sinclair, Upton; Ska; Skateboarders; Slang; Slave Culture; Sloan, John; Slow Movement; Smith, Joseph; Smith, Patti; Smoking, Tobacco; Smothers Brothers; Snoop Dogg; Snyder, Gary; Social Gospel; Socialism; South Park ; Spiritualism; Spock, Benjamin; Sports; Squatters and Squatting; Stein, Gertrude; Straight Edge Culture; Streaking; Students for a Democratic Society; Studio 54; Suffragists; Surfing and Surfer Culture; Surrealists; Survivalists; Swedenborgianism

Talking Heads; Taos, New Mexico; Television; Temperance Movement; Theater, Alternative; Theosophy; Thoreau, Henry David; Tramps and Hoboes; Transcendental Meditation; Transcendentalism; Transsexuals; Transvestites; Trekkies; Turner, Nat; Twain, Mark

UFOs; Unabomber; Underground Railroad; Unitarianism; United Farm Workers; Universal Negro Improvement Association; Up Against the Wall Motherfucker; Utopianism

Vegetarianism; Venice, California; Vietnam War Protests; Village Voice, The ; Volkswagen Beetle; Vonnegut, Kurt, Jr.; Voodoo, Hoodoo, and Conjure; Vorse, Mary Heaton

Ward, Nancy; Warhol, Andy; Waters, John; Watson, Thomas E.; Watts, Alan; Wavy Gravy; Weatherman; White Supremacists; Whitman, Walt; Whole Earth Catalog ; Wilkinson, Jemima; Williams, Roger; Witchcraft and Wicca; Woodhull, Victoria; Woodstock Music and Art Fair; Woolman, John; Wright, Frances; Wright, Richard

X-Files, The

Yippies; Yoga; Young, Brigham

Zappa, Frank; Zines; Zoarites; Zoot Suiters



Review(s): "...offers readers a unique reference that pulls together disparate elements of our historic nonconformity. By doing so it helps provide clarity and definition to just how deeply countercultures are woven into the American fabric. In addition, it is one of those references that, while being useful and fact filled, is also fascinating to read and fun to browse. ...this reference is well suited to general audiences and public libraries will want to consider it along with undergraduate libraries. This encyclopedia is a strong compliment to another M.E. Sharpe reference the Encyclopedia of American Social Movements." -- Against the Grain

"...a catalog of American idealism that will be not only informative to students seeking research material but also inspirational to those who feel left out." -- School Library Journal

"This very well-written, well-constructed reference source addresses an aspect of American history that is often overlooked. The three volumes include close to 600 entries written in a scholarly yet very accessible style. The set's definition of counterculture is refreshingly generous, including people and movements in religion, fashion, music, politics, art, literature, and popular culture. Also refreshing is the breadth of history covered, acknowledging the existence of counterculture movements outside the 1960s. Highly recommended. Lower-level undergraduates through faculty/researchers; general readers." -- Choice

"In point of comprehensiveness, American Countercultures is impressive. ... [Entries] are highly readable and accessible to anybody with a decent grasp of English. As physical objects, these books are nice to the touch. Each volume, at about 300 pages quarto, is comfortable to handle and embellished with illustrations every few pages. They are solidly made and will take a lot of abuse in a busy public library -- or an academic one. I can see them being used well." -- Reference Reviews

"This guide will prove an entertaining and enlightening tool for historical research in high school, public and academic libraries." -- John R.M. Lawrence, Gale Reference Reviews

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