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A Defining Moment: The Presidential Election of 2004
Edited by: William Crotty

Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7656-1561-9 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7656-1562-6
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USD: $81.95 USD: $35.95
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Available to all countries
Information: 280pp. Appendix, notes, references, index.
Publication Date: August 2005.  


Description: Set against the backdrop of the war in Iraq, drastically altered relations with traditional U.S. allies, intense partisanship, and a national debate over moral values, the 2004 presidential campaign presented voters with a clear choice that reflected deep divisions within the country. This collection analyzes this watershed election and its likely consequences. The contributors examine every aspect 1f the election, including the strategies and tactics of the Bush and Kerry campaigns, voter turnout and policy consequences, campaign financing, and the power of incumbency.

Selected Contents:

List of Tables and Figures

Part I: The Context
1. The Bush Presidency: Establishing the Agenda for the Campaign, William Crotty
2. Constituencies and the Consequences of the Presidential Vote, Richard J. Powell and Mark D. Brewer
Part II: The Presidential Campaign and Congressional Races
3. Political Participation in the 2004 Presidential Election: Turnout and Policy Consequences, M. Margaret Conway
4. The Inevitable Unanticipated Consequences of Political Reform: The 2004 Presidential Nomination Process, Christine L. Day, Charles D. Hadley, and Harold W. Stanley
5. Financing the 2004 Presidential Election, William Crotty
6. The Presidential Race of 2004: Strategy, Outcome, and the Mandate,Patricia Conley
7. Incumbency, Politics, and Policy: Detour or New Direction? Jerome M. Mileur
8. The 2004 Congressional Races, John S. Jackson, III.
Part III: Conclusions
8. Holy Owned Subsidiary: Globalization, Religion, and Politics in the 2004 Election, Thomas Ferguson
9. The Armageddon Election, John Kenneth White
10. Armageddon, Just Another Campaign, or Something In-Between? The Meaning and Consequences of the 2004 Election, William Crotty
Appendix: Presidential Elections and Party and Candidate Success
The Contributors

Comment(s): "William Crotty has assembled a brilliant group of contributors for A Defining Moment: The Presidential Election of 2004. Clearly written, with superb charts and graphs, this splendid anthology covers all aspects of this hard-fought campaign, and gives the reader a satisfying combination of solid political science research and compelling narrative. It is, without question, the definitive reader on the 2004 election and is not likely to be surpassed." -- Ross K. Baker, Rutgers University

" A Defining Moment offers a comprehensive assessment of the 2004 presidential election. The overarching strategies of the campaigns, the issue agendas of the candidates, the constituencies they mobilized, turnout, financing, the congressional elections, and likely policy consequences of Bush's win are solidly covered in the collection. The voting data and recounting of campaign events are likely to make it a handy reference for many of us and a readable and solid text for courses in political parties, campaigns, or voting and elections. To its credit, the book is generally (albeit not completely) free of the partisan and ideological intensity of an election that had both and that history may indeed come to regard as a defining moment." -- John R. Petrocik, University of Missouri, Columbia

Review(s): "The chapters are clear and concise and written by prominent scholars, hitting on the critical issues and points of the 2004 campaign. The book provides an excellent recap of the election and is intended for undergraduates, but scholars may also find it a useful resource. Highly recommended. General readers through researchers." -- Choice

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