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Journal of Post Keynesian Economics
Founding Coeditors: Sidney Weintraub (1914-1983) and Paul Davidson
Coeditors: Jan A. Kregel, Levy Economics Institute of Bard College, and L. Randall Wray, University of Missouri--Kansas City
Managing Editor: Diane Wittig, M.E. Sharpe, Inc. (dwittig@mesharpe.com)
Associate Editors: Fernando Cardim de Carvalho, University of Rio de Janeiro, Toshiaki Hirai, Sophia University, Edwin LeHeron, Sciences Po Bordeaux, and Eric Tymoigne, Lewis and Clark College

The Journal of Post Keynesian Economics is a scholarly journal of innovative theoretical and empirical work that sheds fresh light on contemporary economic problems. It is committed to the principle that cumulative development of economic theory is only possible when the theory is continuously subjected to scrutiny in terms of its ability both to explain the real world and to provide a reliable guide to public policy.

"The topics of articles in this journal pose answers to troublesome questions. ... This journal is important because of the subject matter it covers." -Magazines for Libraries
Abstracting and Indexing: Current Contents/Social and Behavioral Sciences, Econlit, e-JEL, JEL on CD, International Bibliography of Periodical Literature on the Humanities and Social Sciences (IBZ), International Bibliography of the Social Sciences, Journal Citation Reports/Social Sciences Edition, ProQuest Database, RePEc, Scopus, Social Sciences Citation Index, Social Scisearch, Wilson Social Sciences Index.

The Journal of Post Keynesian Economics is now available in the JSTOR Archive as part of the Arts & Sciences VI and Business II Collections.

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ISSN:  Current volume: Frequency Per Year:
0160-3477 Vol. 37 (Fall 2014 - Summer 2015) 4

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Editorial Board
Honorary Board of Editors: Eileen Appelbaum; Philip Arestis; Ronald G. Bodkin; Luiz Carlos Bresser Pereira; Frederic S. Lee; James Galbraith; Geoffrey C. Harcourt; Donald Katzner; Warren Mosler; Luigi Pasinetti; Malcolm Sawyer; Lord Robert Skidelsky; Anthony P. Thirlwall; Managing Board of Editors: Richard Arena; H. Sonmez Atesoglu; Riccardo Bellofiore; Anna Carabelli; C. P. Chandrasekhar; Andrew Cornford; Sheila Dow; Steven Fazzari; Giuseppe Fontana; Mathew Forstater; Scott Fullwiler; Jayati Ghosh; Alicia Giron; Arturo Huerta; Rainer Kattel; Saul Keifman; Stephanie Kelton; Peter Kriesler; Dic Lo; Antonio Carlos Macedo e Silva; Mariana Mazzucato; Will Milberg; William Mitchell; Tracy Mott; Etelberto Ortiz; Robert W. Parenteau; Richard Parker; Martin Rapetti; Erik Reinert; Colin Rogers; Alessandro Roncaglia; J. Barkley Rosser, Jr., Roy Rotheim; Mark Setterfield; Nina Shapiro; Neri Salvadori; Engelbert Stockhammer; Pavlina Tcherneva; Andrea Terzi; Zdravka Todorova; Mario Tonveronachi; Jan Toporowski; Martin Watts; Gennaro Zezza

Table of Contents
Fall 2014
Vol. 37 No. 01

Remembering Sidney Weintraub
Jan Kregel 3
Honoring Sidney Weintraub
Mike Sharpe 9
A Jevonian seditionist: a mutiny to enhance the economic bounty?
Sidney Weintraub 11
Sidney Weintraub and American post Keynesianism: 1938-1970
E. Roy Weintraub 31
Reorienting fiscal policy: a bottom-up approach
Pavlina R. Tcherneva 43
New estimates of direct crowding out (or in) of investment and of a peace dividend for the U.S. economy
Paul R. Blackley 67
Quantitative easing through the prism of the Barings crisis in 1890: central banks and the international money market
Ramaa Vasudevan 91
Slow growth in the Mexican economy
Gustavo Vargas Sánchez and Albino Luna 115
Profiteering and the degree of monopoly in the Great Recession: recent evidence from the United States and the United Kingdom
J. Robert Branston, Keith G. Cowling, and Philip R. Tomlinson 135
Exchange rate volatility and stock market development in emerging economies
Massomeh Hajilee and Omar M. Al Nasser 163
Editors' Corner
Jan Kregel and L. Randall Wray 181


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