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Chinese Sociology and Anthropology

Information for Contributors
Submission of Manuscripts
  Manuscripts should be submitted to:

Gregory Gulden, Editor
Chinese Sociology and Anthropology
Pacific Lutheran University
Department of Anthropology
Tacoma WA 98447-0003

Zhou Daming, Coeditor
Chinese Sociology and Anthropology
Zhongshan University
Department of Anthropology
Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Form of Manuscripts

Two copies of manuscripts should be submitted. The text should be double-spaced, on one side of good quality paper, allowing ample margins. All illustrations, tables, etc., should be placed on separate sheets, included with each copy. Their approximate placement should be indicated in the text. The notes should be placed at the end of the text (DO NOT USE EMBEDDED FOOTNOTES OR GRAPHICS).

The covering letter should provide full affiliation, the mail and E-mail addresses, and telephone number(s) of the corresponding author. Brief bio-graphical statements of all authors should be included. The title page should include the paper title and the names and affiliations of all the authors.

Authors must complete and sign the form “Consent to Publish/Transfer of English-language Rights,” and provide it to the Editor with the final copy of his/her paper.

A diskette with the complete text should be submitted in an IBM-compatible format. The software and formats used for the text and graphics files should be identified in the covering letter as well as on the diskettes.
  • All tables and charts or other art should be submitted in separate files from the main text of the manuscript and the diskettes must indicate the program used to create them. DO NOT embed them in the main text of the manuscript.
  • DO NOT use the automatic footnoting feature in your word processor. Notes should be indicated by a superscript number in the text, and the note text should be placed as regular running text at the end of the manuscript or in a separate file.

The reference list should be provided at the end of the paper. The references should be arranged alphabetically according to the name of the first author or editor. References should be provided as follows.

References to Items in Periodicals
These should take the form: author(s), title, journal (italicized or underlined), volume and issue numbers, date, inclusive pages. For all authors, last names are given first; likewise for editors, with the names followed by “ed.” The name of the last author ends with a period. More than two authors are separated by semicolons. The date is given in parentheses. Example:

17. T.H. Davenport and M.C. Beers, “Managing Information About Processes,” Journal of Management Information Systems 12, no. 1 (summer 1995): 57–80.
18. John Smith, “Why Economics?” New York Times, April 1, 1999: 25.

Davenport, T.H., and M.C. Beers. “Managing Information About Processes.” Journal of Management Information Systems 12, no. 1 (summer 1995): 57–80.
Smith, John. “Why Economics?” New York Times, April 1, 1999: 25.

References to Books

Author(s) are specified in the same style as for periodicals. In the title, all principal words are capitalized and the title is italicized or underlined. The title ends with a period and is followed by city, “:”, publisher, year. Example:

19. J. Nonaka, The Knowledge-Creating Company (New York: Oxford University Press, 1995), 65.

Nonaka, J., and H. Takeuchi. The Knowledge-Creating Company. New York: Oxford University Press, 1995.

Figures and Tables

Figures should be submitted as original drawings, complete, and ready for photoreproduction. Tables submitted as cleanly printed copy may also be reproduced photographically. All lettering and figure elements should be large enough to be readable when the figure has been reduced to fit the journal page. All figures and tables must be specifically referred to in the text. All figures and tables should have brief, descriptive captions. If figures are provided on diskette, they should be in their original software (e.g., Excel, JPEG, TIFF, EPS), rather than pasted into a word-processing document. All figures must be submitted in camera-ready condition, preferably in black and white. We do not have the staff to produce or otherwise repair figures.

Proofs and Reprints

Authors will receive page proofs of their papers, which should be returned to the publisher within five working days. Each author will receive a free copy of the issue in which his or her paper appears. Additional copies of the journal and/or reprints may be ordered at the time the proofs are returned.


The abstract of an Author's article, with standard bibliographic information about the place and date of publication, may be posted anywhere at any time. Posting of the Author's own pre-published version of the article on a secure, restricted-access network within the Author’s employing institution is also permitted at any time, as long as the standard bibliographic information is provided. After an embargo period of 18 months from the date of publication, Authors may, at their own discretion, post their pre-published text on their own website or open-access institutional website. In all cases, full bibliographic information for the final, published version with a link to the Publisher's website, www.mesharpe.com/journals.asp, must be included with a note that the posted version is not the final, published version.